Sep 25

Ipsos Canada is one of the world’s leading survey-based marketing research firms. They live and work in the largest markets and do business anywhere they’re called on.

Ipsos are always searching for the best and the brightest to join their team. As a recent grad or a seasoned professional, they want you to bring your intelligence, creativity, and a fresh new perspective to Ipsos. Ipsos provides a workplace that encourages a balance between work and life through various activities such as: social outings, sports, volunteer, and community involvement.

Ipsos are independent company, owned and managed by research professionals. Their sole focus is survey-based research specialized in advertising, customer loyalty, marketing, media and public affairs. The industry specialization model means they have an intimate understanding of your brands, your consumers and your marketplace. By specilializing, they are able to privide clients with the finest service, which includes the techniques and methods for collecting, processing, analyzing and circulating information. Ipsos go beyand the numbers to identify a cource of action that will lead to stronger in-market results. They challege, inspire and stimulate your thinking, not just validate your thingking. And because of this, they work with you as a true marketing partner, resulting in more actionable business recommendations than are traditionally provided in the market research industry.

Ipsos helps you grow your business.


Sep 24

E-Poll Market Research provides a convenient online forum to express your opinions on a variety of issues that affect your daily life. Their goal is to give you an effective tool to project your voice through interactive surveys. Earn valuable reward points that can be cashed in for gift cards or other exciting stuff when you become an E-Poll member.

E-Poll provides the venue, the research expertise and the technology for you to share your thoughts with companies that provide products and services you use every day. The power of the E-Poll panel provides a comprehensive, forward looking view into consumer attitudes and behavior towards entertainment and media. Each member of the E-Poll panel completes a number of individual profile surveys that allows you access to the specific consumers you are trying to reach. They offer the most current and relevant consumer segments for all forms of media and entertainment research.

For starters, whether it’s a hard-to-reach group or nationally representative sample, the power of our E-Poll Panel makes it easy to reach your consumer target. E-POLL panel is for the exclusive use of clients and it allows you to immediately access any demographic qualifier you may need.

Once identified, you have the flexibility to connect with respondents via online survey, focus group, discussion board or phone survey – because research does not come in a one-size-fits-all package.

They offer a full suite of cost effective research products that allow easy access to celebrity, brand, program tracking and consumer profile data. They provide full service custom research with a market research team experienced in delivering qualitative and quantitative solutions.

Add to the mix E-Poll Market Research’s expertise in media, consumer, and entertainment research and you have the makings of a company that can meet almost any challenge – large or small.

They also invest in your future. In this complex media environment, it helps to have a second set of eyes analyzing historical data and scanning the horizon for future directions. E-Poll anticipates the needs of the industry and conducts a number of fact finding studies throughout the year to identify trends and to present opportunities to help you succeed.

E-Poll Market Research is a leading consumer research supplier for entertainment companies, agencies & consumer brands.Offering a dynamic and challenging work environment. They have offices in Encino, California (20 minutes from downtown Los Angeles) as well as New York City.


Sep 23

The Harris Poll Online is one of the oldest and most prestigious polls in the world. By participating, you’ll not only have your say in matters that affect you, you’ll also be able to see the results from the surveys you complete. You can then compare your opinions and experiences to many others’—people who are like, and unlike, you. Occasionally, you may participate in surveys whose results will be published in national or international media. If time permits, they’ll even email the results to you before they are published.

They appreciate your participation and to show you that, they have given away cash prizes ranging from $50 to our grand prize of $10,000.

Harris Interactive, owner of the Harris Poll and Harris Poll Online, is a member of the National Council of Public Polls (NCPP), the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO), the Council for Marketing and Opinion Research (CMOR), and the European Society for Opinion & Marketing Research (ESOMAR). The firm abides by the professional standards of these organizations.

Become a member of the Harris Poll Online and you will have the opportunity to influence important decision makers in government, corporations, and non-profit organizations. You can help shape the policies, products, and services they offer you!

From your support and participation, you’ll be enrolled in their new appreciation program, Harris Poll Online Rewards. They offer the opportunity to earn HIpoints for the majority of their studies. On occasion a study will be conducted that will not have HIpoints associated with it, but this only occurs in exceptions. Once you’ve accumulated enough points you may redeem them for your choice of a variety of great rewards. You can redeem your points as soon as you reach a redemption level, or you can let them grow for even greater rewards.

Your responses to Harris Poll Online questions can make a difference!


Sep 23

McMillion Research is considered among the leaders in national data collection and market research. Dedicated leadership and supervision, combined with a talented and loyal work force, enabled McMillion Research to deliver accurate and efficient client service for the past 20 years to a worldwide array of clientele.

McMillion Research has provided the highest standards of ethical and quality oriented data collection. They are now taking expertise online.

Begin receiving opportunities to complete online surveys. You will be paid for your time and have opportunities to be entered into drawings for cash prizes. The purpose of this research will cover many areas. From testing new food products in the comfort of your own home, surveys about world events and other hot topics, children’s toys and games, automobiles, and just about any other topic you can think of.

They will continue to recruit for specific area related focus groups and in-person surveys as they have done for years. Mindfield is merely another avenue to provide our clientele the best research available.


Sep 23

The MBS Internet Research Center collects survey and focus group data. They are looking for people who are willing to participate in surveys and focus groups over the web. Many of their customers are willing to pay incentives in the form of cash, prizes, and drawings for your opinions. By registering with the respondent database, they will contact you from time to time, via email, to participate in web-based surveys. Incentives for online surveys are usually in the form of cash, product samples and/or gift certificates. The type and amount of incentive are based on the type and size of survey and the respondent profile required by the contract and can vary from $0-$10 or more. Sometimes, they do surveys in which no incentive is offered at all and sometimes you are entered into some pretty major drawings for some really neat stuff.


Sep 22

Viewpoint Forum is a community of consumers providing their opinions about new and current product and service ideas in order to directly impact the potential of these products and services in the marketplace.

At Viewpoint Forum they value their members and recognize that your time is important to you. That is why they always reward their members for providing their opinions. Each project is worth Forum Points. Each member will receive Forum Points for each completed survey.

Most surveys are worth 75 Forum Points and take 10-15 minutes to complete. Occasionally you may have the opportunity to earn additional Forum Points for more complex or lengthy surveys. Once you have earned 375 Forum Points you are eligible to request payment. All requested payments are sent to our members within the week of request and should arrive within 7-10 days.

Your account is credited for each survey you complete. Through the website you are always able to check your account total and manage your account. If your account reaches 375 Forum Points, the equivalent of $10, you are eligible to request payment. You do not have to request payment at this time, you can simply allow the Forum Points to continue to accumulate if you wish and “cash out” at a later date.


Sep 21

Since 1982, Opinion Trone has used consumer feedback to help a wide variety of service providers and product manufacturers.

When you become a panelist and participate in their surveys, you will be entered in a money sweepstakes or offered products. They will never try to sell you anything and all information given to them will remain confidential, as explained in their Privacy Policy. And if you ever wish to unsubscribe, you may do so at any time.

When they need opinions, an invitation to complete a survey is sent buy e-mail. They can only accept one participant per e-mail address, but multiple family members and friends, age 21 or older, may sign up, as long as separate e-mail addresses are used. As of now, only residents from the United States and Canada are invited to join.


Sep 21

Focusline is an online consumer research service that conducts online interviews about a variety of consumer oriented topics. They use your opinions and suggestions to help companies better meet your needs as a consumer. Participation in Focusline’s paid surveys is fun, interesting, and financially rewarding, and is only open to registered members! The only requirements to join are that you must be at least 13 years of age and you must have a valid email address.

To become a member and enable Focusline to match your demographics to their research projects, you need to complete a profile of yourself. As a member, you’ll be eligible to participate in group sessions, one-on-one interviews and web based surveys. You may be required to fill out some pre-qualifying questions to help determine your suitability for a paid study. Pre-qualifying questions only take a short time to complete and full surveys can take anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes. Group sessions and one-on-one interviews are conducted in a chat based environment and generally last for 30 minutes to an hour. Typical payments are between $25 to $45 for your participation in their studies.

If you are selected to participate in a paid study, you will be contacted by e-mail with complete instructions of what to do and when.


Sep 21

The Contractor Advisory Board is a group of building and construction contractors from across the United States, Canada and other countries spanning the residential, light commercial, heavy commercial, and industrial sectors of the building industry. It includes “new construction” as well as remodeling and retrofit. All types of contractors (general contractors, HVAC/R, electrical, tile and masonry, plumbing, landscape, roofing, drywall, painting, pool, fencing, excavation, insulation, framing, glass, remodeling, siding, fire protection, environmental controls, security, etc.) are invited to join. By participating in online opinion surveys and online discussions through The Contractor Advisory Board, contractors help influence everything from new product development activities to building codes and certification standards. The knowledge and advice of Board Members help manufacturers, contractor groups, governmental agencies, utilities and wholesalers/distributors make better informed, more intelligent decisions about regulatory, product and field support issues.

You would be paid for every online survey you complete (ranging from a minimum of $10 U.S. to $200 U.S. or more, depending of the length of the online survey or discussion). When you complete a very brief questionnaire (called a “screener”) to see if you qualify for a survey, you are automatically entered into a drawing with the opportunity to win lucrative cash prizes, regardless of whether you are selected to complete the survey or not. Also, just for being a member, your name would be entered into a monthly drawing for $250 in cash prizes.

More important than the financial rewards is the opportunity to express your opinions, give advice, argue your points of view, and share your knowledge with government regulators, utilities, and major corporations on issues that directly affect your livelihood. As a Board Member, you are in a position to directly influence the policies and decisions of these organizations. Also, as a member, you would learn about new products, new services and new business concepts through your participation. You would be aware of new industry developments and trends before others.

Your confidentiality and privacy would be carefully protected. Your opinions, information, and advice would be confidential and anonymous. Your individual answers would never be revealed to anyone without your explicit permission. Your answers would be combined with the answers of other contractors and reported as statistical summaries. Your participation would be for research purposes only. They will never try to sell you anything; and your name, address and email would never be sold to another company.


Sep 21

Answers Research, Inc., headquartered in Solana Beach, California, is a leading provider of market research for clients working in ultra-competitive industries worldwide. Answers Research is a strategic market research firm with expertise in designing and implementing a full range of unique methodologies and capabilities. A combination of leading edge statistical techniques, extensive experience and inside industry knowledge provides clients with research results that are valid, projectable and actionable.

Since their founding in 1989, Answers Research has completed over 700 major research projects with decision-makers in advanced technology industries. These studies have each been uniquely designed to meet the needs of each particular client. Many of their projects have been international —  regularly complete projects in the Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Americas.

They specialize in market research for hyper competitive industries and believe that this focus adds superior service to clients. Staying abreast of leading research methods allows them to quickly come up to speed on clients’ specific research needs. To best serve their customers, they continually develop efficient methodologies that provide actionable results within clients’ strict time constraints.

The company’s has grown to include a complete range of quantitative and qualitative solutions designed to deliver valid, actionable, and timely results.


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