Dec 19

Since 1997, Survey Company has been conducting online surveys based in Silicon Valley. They’ve been designing, collecting, analyzing and reporting results of surveys for nearly two decades.The collective experience and flexible array of technologies ensures the right solution for your needs.

Their mission is to deliver timely, targeted feedback to inform planning and decision making whether surveys are simple or complex, frequent pulse-checks or an annual global event.

They specialize in helping companies identify high-leverage actions for improving customer and employee satisfaction and loyalty, using online focus groups, online surveys, and statistical analysis.

The prices are listed approximate and are provided as a courtesy. Hosting a typical 30-item, single-page web survey with basic question types plus your corporate logo typically runs about $2,500-$3,500 (excludes distribution of invitations; tables count as multiple items). Custom Survey Design, Analysis, and Reporting: To provide a quote, need a clear understanding of the nature and scope of your survey information needs. The Survey Company will help you to develop a plan that fits within your scheduling and budgetary constraints. Online 360-feedback: Set-up costs usually begin at $1,500-$2,500, plus $60-100 per individual rated. Exact costs depend on the length and complexity of your survey and reports needed. 360-feedback systems: Software to manage your 360-feedback project in-house is available for $3,500 plus $60 per person rated. 360-feedback is also available as part of the focus performance management system.

Make sure your survey results give you the information you need to target resources for greatest impact.

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