Jun 17

The advent of e-commerce has created an incredible range of business opportunities for people across the globe.  While it’s true medium- to large-scale corporations have benefited greatly from the rise in online transactions, it also paved the way for many small ventures, home-based businesses, independent contractors and freelancers to penetrate the market and earn income.  Why not take advantage of this opportunity now?  Here are 4 ways you can make money on the Internet – for real:

Online paid surveys

Billions of dollars are spent every year on advertising and promotions.  While a huge percentage goes to expenses for media-related advertising, a good amount is also spent on research.

A commonly used form of research is the survey, a very effective means with which to detect consumer preferences, buying habits and needs.  It can also be a good indication of future trends.  Little wonder that over $10 billion of advertising money go to surveys alone.

To expedite the process, manufacturers pay third party companies to conduct these surveys for them, often in the form of online paid surveys.  While some surveys pop up on your screen to invite you to participate, there are other surveys that you will have to actively pursue.  You get paid for each survey you take.  The prices of surveys differ, depending on the company, the nature of the survey and usually, the length.

The advantage: online paid surveys are probably one of the easiest and best paying ways you can make money on the Internet.  If you become a regular and gain access to some of the best paying sites, it could mean some good extra income.


Who makes money from blogs?  A lot of people, you might be surprised to know.  Even with free blogging platforms, it’s quite possible to start your own niche in a subject you’re good at and earn money in the process.

Most blogs post ads on their pages.  Each time visitors click on these ads and perform certain actions, such as purchasing the advertiser’s goods, participating in a survey, subscribing to a newsletter and the like, the blog owner earns.  It’s like being the middleman that brings the advertiser and the consumer together.  For your efforts, you get paid.

The advantage: if you like to write, can write really well and offer informative, useful content, you’ll find an audience.  And you don’t even have to be a pro to begin.  People who use blogging as a way to make money on the Internet started their sites as a hobby and just grew it from there.


How would you like to make money on the Internet while having a blast?  If your idea of a job made in heaven is sitting in front of your computer, blasting away at evil zombies, performing military strategies, playing chess or poker or polishing your vocabulary, then becoming a professional gamer is for you.

Companies that design these games, along with their advertisers, pay gamers around the world to compete with other gamers.  There is a good variety of games to choose from, ranging from sports games to card games to arcade to strategy games.

To make money, you simply log on to the Internet site that hosts the game and compete.  The best player wins the pot, either the prize money put up by the game manufacturers and producers or the entry fees collected from all game participants.

The advantage:  even if you’re not really skilled, you can get started – everybody has to start somewhere.  Just don’t expect to win the prize money, though, unless you’re a really lucky beginner.  However, if you find gaming fun and are quite skilled at the game/s of your choice, gaming should definitely be your method of choice for making money on the Internet.

Affiliate marketing

To spread the word about their products and services, many companies will resort to paying independent site owners and bloggers just to help them attract more customers.  Companies like Amazon.com, for example, have affiliate programs that site owners can join.

Becoming an affiliate is akin to being an online salesperson who gets paid a commission for sales made on the advertiser’s products.  However, it’s much more passive, in that you don’t make aggressive pitches.  You simply put the links or banner ads on a site, write an article about the product and invite your visitors to give it a try.

The advantage: if you have solid, targeted traffic, you could put that to good use by offering them affiliate products.  It takes a bit of work since you might have to produce content for the ads but the rewards make this one of the best ways to make money on the Internet.


Jun 17

People tend to gravitate towards opportunities that increase their status and boost their self-confidence.  And there is nothing like improving the economic aspect of your life that can make these changes a possibility.  After all, anyone can use some extra income.  The extra money doesn’t only buy you things, it also lets you enjoy a better quality of life and makes you confident about the future.  And what better way to do this than to make easy money? Read the rest of this entry »


Jun 16

Need some cash right now?  Consider putting in a little effort and time and you just might find yourself working in an online job or taking advantage of a business opportunity.  Here, in no particular order, are 7 ways to make money fast.

E-mail reading

If you have an e-mail account, Internet access and can read, then consider this job.  You could sign up as a member in minutes and then start receiving e-mails within a few days.  Companies pay you for every e-mail message you read. Read the rest of this entry »


Jun 16

How can I make money?  This is one question that has plagued man ever since economics was invented.  It’s a valid concern.  After all, money may not be the most important thing in our lives but no one can discount its usefulness.  So how can you make money?  Here are steps that should guide you into choosing the right routes in your career and help you improve your financial situation:

Take assessment of your assets and skills.

How you make money will depend on what you can bring to the table.  That is why the manner with which your best friend earns his money may not suit you.  Take stock of what you have and who you are.  Consider these factors that affect how you earn: Read the rest of this entry »


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