Mar 5

GlobalTestMarket was founded in 1999, powered by GMI (Global Market Institute, Inc.) a world’s leading providers of market research. GlobalTestMarket will give you the opportunity to be paid by taking online survey in influencing global market research in the development of services and products that we use every day.

To enjoy the benefits of taking online survey and to earn cash, members must sign up. It is free to sign to sign up. As a member of GlobalTestMarket you will receive online paid surveys about:

• Movies
• Restaurants
• Automobiles
• Consumer products
• Current Events
• and Many other topics that will interest you!

It’s not only hearing your opinion you will rewarded for it! Make money online today by sharing your opinion and help shape the future and develop to improve products and services from top companies of what makes it to market.

To become a member of GlobalTestMarket you must be at least 18 years of age to join or you must be 14 to 17 years of age and have parental or legal guardian permission to join. The value of MarketPoints is fixed against the U.S. Dollar at five (5) cents per MarketPoint. Each invitation will tell you how many MarketPoints you will earn for completing the online survey, or for participating but not qualifying for it. The number of points will vary depending on two factors:

1) The urgency of the online survey — more urgent surveys will offer higher incentives.
2) The length of the online survey. The more time required on your part, the larger the number of MarketPoints awarded.

In order to redeem your cash, you must have at least a number of 1,000 MarketPoints. Once you reach 1,000 MarketPoints, you can redeem your balance for $50 U.S. dollars.

If you are interested in taking surveys, join now. If you have questions and concerns to GlobalTestMarket you can contact HERE.


Jun 27

What could be more fulfilling than having a job that utilizes your skills and talents and can reward you both on the personal and financial levels?  And it doesn’t hurt that you get to do it without commuting to work, struggling against traffic or navigating your way around a corporate culture that very often doesn’t fit your personality?  A job on the internet can do that by giving you relatively more freedom in terms of flexibility and potential.

A job on the internet vs. telecommuting

Working on a job on the internet is similar to telecommuting, in that many of the communications, research and exchange of information performed are done online.  However, the similarities stop there. Read the rest of this entry »


Jun 26

Many would agree that with the rise of available home-based jobs nowadays, this is helping people to have quality time with themselves and their families. And this is definitely good news. Thanks to the unlimited internet access nowadays, be this wireless connection or what, and also better and more advanced call-routing technology. More and more companies are outsourcing for their Sales department, Customer Service, Order-taking, troubleshooting, and the good news is, all of these jobs are doable from your home.

Some companies not only not only run an outsource operation, but it also offers technology for companies, be this starting or already established, that want to arrange their own home-based call centers. Latest studies show that home-based workers are found to be more serious and dedicated and more educated and too add more loyal, that the regular office workers. Most of the workers are college degree holders. Some have master’s degree, beat that! Read the rest of this entry »


Jun 19

Do you spend a lot of hours traveling to and from your work? Do you spend so much time away from your family? Do you think home-cooked meals are things from your past already? Do you dislike having to report to your boss at work? Do you wish you earn more? Do you want to have a part-time job? If most of your answers are yes, then a telecommuting job might be right for you. There are so many available working from home jobs if you know where to look.

What are telecommuting jobs?

If you don’t know what a telecommuting job is, you’ll definitely ask what it’s all about. A telecommuting job is simply a kind of job which is done at home but with the help of a computer which s primarily used for communication. If you own a computer set and an Internet connection, getting a telecommuting job would be easier. Indeed, once you established yourself with a company who allows telecommuting, you can have a working from home job. Read the rest of this entry »