6 Cool Jobs over the Internet for Creative People

You don’t need to be a cyber geek to earn online. There are a hundred types of jobs over the Internet and if you search long enough, you might be surprised to find how a lot of them seem tailor-made for your creative abilities.

Freelance, Contractual, or Permanent

Jobs over the Internet offer the same options you’d expect in the “real world”. Many will only hire you on a freelance or contractual basis. After a few years of continuous exchanges, some may opt to make you into a permanent part of their company but don’t expect this offer from every company you work with.

The Best Jobs over the Internet for Creative People

Whether you wish to work part-time or full-time, here are a couple of job opportunities online that you might be interested in.

Graphic Designing

Most graphic designers working online offer freelance services. In a way, this is better for them as it allows them to work with more people and encounter different challenges. Such a thing can only enrich their experience as a graphic designer, add to their skills, enhance their abilities, and give more substance and depth to their works.

Web Designing

While graphic designing mainly have to do with images, web designing is mostly focused on creating layouts. Commercial or business websites generally pay more than private websites but the latter do provide better creative outlets.

In web designing, you’re required not just to be creative but Internet and SEO-savvy as well. You must know how to design layouts in such a way that it generates more traffic for the website.


Again, most online writers work freelance. They can sell their articles to target websites. They can write press releases for small businesses. They can also get paid for editing and revising copy materials for marketing websites or do the same with book reviews, essays, theses, and the likes for academic assistance websites.

There are some, however, who prefer to earn purely on their own effort. These writers create their own blog, one that usually has a target market in mind. If more and more people are reading their blogs, they can start earning advertising revenue.

Writers can also create their own electronic book. They can earn royalties from it if they submit it to publishing houses, but they can also earn pure profit from it if they decide to self-publish their works. Websites like Lulu.com is just one of the many websites that aim to help budding writers realize their dreams as a renowned author.

Finally, if you have enough qualifications and a large enough fan base, established websites might offer you a spot in their page. You can write your own column and get paid a percentage of the website’s advertising income.

Fashion Designing

A lot of people today, especially women, prefer to shop for their clothes not only because it’s convenient, but also because the clothes sold over the Internet are reasonably priced and better yet, they’re rarely mass-produced. You have fewer chances of bumping into someone wearing an outfit that’s exactly like yours if you’re wearing online-bought clothes.

You may also receive custom orders from time to time and push the limits of your creativity.

Jewelry Designing

Jewelry designers all over the world make a rather tight group, and it’s hard to penetrate the market if you haven’t yet joined the big league. One way of making a name for yourself in this field, however, is by building your reputation online.

You can start by creating jewelry pieces using less expensive materials like silver and copper as well as crystals and semi-precious stones like jade and lapis lazuli.

Flower Arrangement

Flowers are naturally beautiful, but their beauty can be further enhanced if they’re properly arranged. If you consider yourself an ikebana artist and you’d like to see if you can earn your living doing what you love best, the Internet is the best way to put your skills to the test.

You can start by marketing your skills online. You can also create an illustrated how-to e-manual and sell it over the Internet. Finally, you can hold online courses or workshops and get to meet other people interested in your beloved art.

As you can see, jobs over the Internet simply aren’t exclusive to technophiles. The Internet is a vast place, and it’s certainly big enough to embrace all sorts of people, including artistic ones like you, and offer all of them the opportunity to make money doing what they do best!


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