How to Distinguish Legitimate Internet Jobs from the Rest

Con artists litter the Internet in hopes of finding individuals who’d fall in their work-at-home traps. Legitimate Internet jobs do exist, but they unfortunately exist amidst a huge number of illegitimate and deceitful job opportunities.

What to Ask to Distinguish Legitimate Internet Jobs

The Federal Trade Commission has suggested several questions you can ask to determine whether you’re being offered a legitimate Internet job or not.

Tasks to Perform

Ask about the nature of tasks you have to perform. You shouldn’t be scared of irritating the person with the questions because there’s nothing wrong with being careful. If possible, you should also ask to have every step of the job described.


How will you be compensated? Will you be paid a salary or wages and if so, will you receive it on a daily, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis?  If you’re not going to be paid a salary then perhaps you’ll receive a commission for services rendered? If so, what’s the percentage of your commission and what’s the basis for it?

Who will pay you? Legitimate Internet jobs are backed by legitimate companies. If the person you’re talking to is unwilling or unable to release information about your payer then something’s definitely fishy about his work-at-home opportunity.

Job Costs

A few legitimate Internet jobs do require you to spend on startup costs. These usually include but aren’t limited to membership fees, equipment, and supplies. If the job you’re interested in does include startup costs, do you find it reasonable or not? More importantly, can you afford it?

Finally, make a little self-analysis and determine if the rest of the claims about the job appear realistic to you. Finally, think of what will happen afterwards and consider how a legitimate Internet job will impact your life. Is an Internet job truly suitable to your way of living?

Where to Find Legitimate Intenet Jobs

You can increase your chances of finding legitimate Internet jobs by looking at the right places.

Corporate Websites

This is arguably the best place to look for legitimate Internet jobs as you wouldn’t have to go through middleman companies or employment agencies to gain employment. Corporate websites allow you to be in direct communication with a prospective employer. Most of them also freely share their contact information, making it easier for you to know where to address your complaints or inquiries when things don’t work out the way you imagined them to be.

Employment Sites

There are numerous well-established employment sites in the Internet, and rarely do any of them accept job advertisements that come from unknown or unqualified companies. And if a job ad turns out to be a trap, you can immediately notify the employment site and they’ll extend whatever assistance they can provide to you.

Niche Sites

You should also look for websites specializing in promoting employment opportunities in a given industry or field. Of course, make sure that the niche site does coincide with your field of expertise as well. Niche sites may be fewer in number compared to employment sites, but they do offer better prospects.

Online Newspapers

Many newspapers today now offer online versions of their reports. These generally include posting their classifieds sections online. Try focusing your search for legitimate Internet jobs to classifieds sections of broadsheets as they’re a more reliable source.

Resume Banks

If you can’t find a legitimate Internet job then maybe you should wait for it to find you instead. You can point them to the right direction by submitting your resume to a resume bank. Make sure you polish your resume prior to submission. Include a cover letter if it’s required and if you’re allowed to submit other documents, include a photo of yourself and other certificates and licenses you may have.

Directory Listings

If there are online directories for articles, blogs, podcasts, and just about anything else that can be listed online, rest assured that there are also directory listings for legitimate Internet jobs. Of course, you’ll have to be a bit more patient than usual since browsing directories can be a time-consuming task even when you make use of their search options.

Contract signing is still an essential step to gaining a legitimate Internet job. If you find all aspects of the job desirable and you’ve successfully negotiated your salary, the only thing left to do is getting a contract between the two of you signed. Once the ink dries, you can rightfully celebrate because you’ve found a legitimate Internet job for yourself! Good luck!


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