Internet Job Sites Get You Hired

Getting jobs these days is such a difficult feat. Year after year, the number of job hunters increases every graduation period. More and more newly graduates compete in the job market, adding to the existing job hunters who graduated the previous year and haven’t got a job yet. So what are you doing to get hired?

Old school job hunting

Still doing the old school way of job hunting? Walking in and knocking at company’s doorsteps with your resume in an envelope? Braving the traffic and spending the money you barely can afford by commuting everyday to hunt for a job? And what do you get? As expected, you would get a “sorry we have no vacancy” answer from the HR or even from the receptionist at the front desk. If you are lucky, they might get your resume and tell you they would keep it for future reference. But chances are, your resume would just end up on their mounting stacks of papers that they don’t really revisit after a few months.

Or maybe you still regularly watch out for the classified ads in newspapers. You underline and encircle those tiny little ads that might be interested in hiring you. And then you dial their numbers and see if you could get a schedule for an interview. However, more often than not, the jobs are already taken before you even pick up the phone. Truth be told, these companies only post ads on newspapers out of habit or just for formalities. What they usually do is tell their employees of the vacancy and offer it to them or ask them for referrals. And they do that simultaneously with the job posting on newspapers, or sometimes even before the ads are published.

So chances are, there are already 10 candidates before you even dial the first number. And more often than not, the ones referred by one of their employees are the ones that get hired because they have the recommendations and the backing of someone the company knows.

You have to admit, this old school way of job hunting no longer works. It would not get you the job you really want because this fashion of job hunting would exhaust you too much that you would just accept the first company that would hire you. You would take it even if it is not what you really want doing or it is not what you truly deserve. You would accept it if it doesn’t pay enough. Do not put yourself in this kind of trap. There is something you can do about this. What? Forget the old school and adapt to the new groove!

Hunt and be Hunted Online

Posting your resume at Internet job sites is the new groove in job hunting and you should be doing it. Putting your resume on the database of Internet job sites set you one step ahead in getting the job you want. Companies nowadays seldom bother with posting on newspapers. What they do now is search on Internet job sites. And when they do their applicant search, better be sure that your up to date resume is uploaded at Internet job sites. Most companies now prefer to browse resumes on Internet job sites for possible candidates to fill the vacant position in their organization. This way, they are sure that the applicant who would be gracing their interview panel is qualified for the position they are looking to fill in. Of course, companies always want to get the best and they wouldn’t want to waste their time on unqualified applicants.

Another good thing about registering and posting your resume on Internet job sites is that you also receive email alerts of job requirements or advertisements. The email alerts include the details of the job requirement such as the job description, the qualifications needed, and sometimes even the salary. They also include information about the company posting the job advertisement. This way, you would no longer need to walk in and knock from door to door of companies. You can simply click the ‘apply now’ button and your resume that is kept on the Internet job site’s database would be automatically sent to them.

Sometimes, you can even improve your chance of getting hired by impressing them with an essay that some companies require before your resume is sent to them. This gives you the chance to express yourself better, give them your reason why they should choose you over other candidates.

So what are you waiting for? Increase your chance of getting hired. Hunt and be hunted online!


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