The Best Jobs on the Internet Based on Your Interests

The Best Jobs on the Internet Based on Your Interests

We are all looking for a job that gives us satisfaction, allows us make use of our knowledge and skills and gives us the fair personal and monetary reward we deserve.  Why not find your perfect job on the internet?  Here are some that you might find useful depending on your skills and interests:

If you like to write

If you found writing an agonizing activity in high school, this may not work well with you.  However, if writing almost seems like second nature to you and you find satisfaction putting ideas into words, you’ve just found the perfect job on the internet for this skill.  Some of the jobs you can try:


Blogging is an activity-cum-business that is on fire.  It is currently one of the best tools for promotions and marketing and is used by both individuals and companies alike.  If you have the talent of putting ideas into words, blogging is one of the jobs on the internet that you will find satisfying.

Work on your own, with a group of bloggers or offer your skills to websites in need of content.  You can get paid through advertising, sponsorships or per article for specific blogging assignments.

Copywriting and ghostwriting

You can also turn your writing skills into cash through jobs on the internet that involve providing content.  Many website owners pay good money to put great content on their web pages.  You can post your articles on paying sites or ghostwrite for busy site and online business owners.

If you love to do things online

Yes, there are jobs on the internet that pay you to literally surf the Web and read e-mails.  These are called ‘paid-to’ jobs because you get paid for performing a specific number of tasks, such as surfing, reading e-mails and even participating in online surveys.

If you have the time and the interest, these are excellent jobs on the side, which can help you earn some extra cash.

If you love working with information and have the typing skills

Consider jobs on the internet that let you work with factual information, the kind that you don’t have to produce on your own or through research.  Information is sent to you to be processed, modified and reproduced.  Some of the jobs that will fit this type of interest include:

Data entry

If you have good typing skills, data entry is probably the easiest job you can find.  You simply have to encode data onto online forms.  This job will require accuracy and speed and since you’ll be paid based on results, that fast typing skills that you have will come in handy.

Medical Transcription

As a medical transcriptionist, it will be your job to transcribe (put into words) information provided for through a recording.  These recordings are made by doctors or physicians about their patients’ medical histories, diagnoses and other findings.  For record purposes, these recordings must be transcribed as documents.

To land one of these jobs on the internet, you’ll need a certification.  It would be a big help if you have a background in the medical field so you are more familiar with medical terms.

Medical coding

Like the medical transcriptionist jobs you’ll find on the internet, a medical coding career will require some special training.  You’ll work closely with patients, doctors and insurance companies to ensure that the right codes are used for each patient’s case.

If you are a skilled assistant

If you have the necessary skills needed for an effective office administrator, you can work as a virtual assistant.  VAs are in demand as more and more companies and professionals outsource their clerical, office assistance and secretarial needs, opting instead to hire online assistants on a temporary or project basis.

If you have the training and technical knowledge

Having specialized knowledge and skills go a long way when looking for jobs on the internet.  Some of the jobs you can look for include:

Web design

Any skill that has something to do with computers and the internet will have a demand in the job market.  Web designing is just one of the jobs you can apply for online as an independent contractor or freelancer.  Good skills like these are well sought-after by individuals and companies who need assistance in creating and building their sites.  Payment is usually on a per project basis, although some freelancers may charge per web page completed.

Technical assistance

You could use your skills and knowledge by helping others with technical problems they may have regarding computers, appliances or software.  This is one of those jobs on the internet that let you work at home as an independent contractor to a parent company.  It requires some customer service skills but if you’re helpful by nature and like talking to people, this job can be quite rewarding.


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