What Not to Do in Internet Job Searching

Thanks to the power of technology, we now do our job searching online. This can be extremely convenient if you live out in the country and do not have the resources to keep on traveling to the city to look for jobs; or if you have a family to take care of and have a hard time leaving the house to go find a job. Internet job searching is also a dangerous thing to do if you are all too desperate and cannot see a scam coming up.

Thanks to the anonymity of the Internet, job scams are all too easy to bump up against, and you need to conduct good searches to get the job opening that you need.

First, you need to register yourself in a job search website. Some websites will require you to pay a membership fee, while others will simply ask for your resume. Whatever the requirements for the website, make sure that you have the resources and are not blindly pulling out cash from your wallet for a desperate cause. Look at the features of the site: is a membership fee truly worth it? Or will you still be able to get good listings elsewhere for half the price, or better yet, for free? Do not put your money out while you still aren’t earning anything.

Second, be a member of at least three sites. This will widen your search area and allow you to cover more ground, although you might have a hard time if the different sites also require you to format your resume in many different ways. In any case, having more options is advantageous to you, so widen your scope and make sure that you know everything about the site through which you will be searching. For instance, some sites specialize in certain job classifications, while others cater to only a certain geographical region. Make sure that you know the weaknesses and strengths of your job search websites. Do not rely on one website alone.

Search Strings Are Important!

Make sure that you know how to use your job search site’s search engine! Most of the time, job listings are already classified, but some employers do not necessarily place their ads in the correct places. Make sure you have just the right number of keywords to search through a job listing database: by having too few, you could end up with pages and pages of information that might otherwise be useless for you, and that will just waste your time; by having too many, you might end up constraining the search and pushing out possible job openings that were not given the right keywords but that still fit your job needs.

Make a list of keywords that you know will fit your desired job. Do not blindly search through a database without listing your keywords, as these keywords can help you in other databases as well. Moreover, when you finally have your job openings listed, look at each opening and take note of other keywords associated with that job. You might be able to use these keywords when you search for more jobs related to it.

Do not immediately send out your resume, and do not accept an offer unless you have full information on the company that you are applying to. Be proactive: when you get the job listing, do research on the company itself. This works two ways: you can better understand what the company is all about and see if it meets your own goals and mission; and you can check if the company is legitimate and you are not wasting your time applying to an outfit that does not exist.

Make sure that you also consult with friends or people who have done job applications through the job search engine in the past so that you can do your searching better.

Always Be Vigilant!

Do not think that technology filters out scammers. In fact, technology encourages it. So you should be wary if you find job openings that are too good to be true. If you are suspicious about something, ask about it; and if it turns out that the job opening has been posted by a scammer, do not simply sit back and congratulate yourself for avoiding the scam. Report it! Many more job searchers can be saved if the bad guys are taken out early on.

These are only a few things that you should or should not do when doing Internet job searching. If you can think on your toes and take the best opportunities as they come, you will get the job that you want in no time at all.


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