Work at Home Internet Jobs – The Best Career Choices

Anyone searching for work-at-home internet jobs will find that there are dozens of choices and opportunities.  It is really more a question of whether or not an internet job hunter has the right skills for the available jobs.  Online job postings, for example, vary from part-time to full-time to freelance jobs, in fields ranging from medicine to graphic arts to computer engineering to office administration.  Here’s a peek at some of the best career choices for work-at-home internet jobs:

Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistants or VAs are the online equivalent of the office administrator/secretary/assistant.  A VA’s functions pretty much reflect the type of job description these three jobs have.  VAs offer virtual or online assistance to their clients, answering their phones, writing their business letters, getting in touch with their customers, performing public relations, organizing their online files, etc.

Becoming a VA can be an excellent work at home internet job, provided you like the responsibilities, have the right skills and training (some clients prefer certified VAs), are highly organized and capable of handling multiple tasks.  You can charge by the hour or offer a flat rate for a regular client for long-term assignments.

Technical Assistance

Technical assistants are a huge help to technically challenged people.  Services can vary from industries such as information technology to home appliances.  Technical assistants must have the knowledge and training related to the service they are offering.

As a work at home internet job, technical assistance requires skills in problem solving and customer service as well as sufficient technical knoledge.  Your job is to offer tech support online (through chat or e-mail, although some jobs require you to talk to customers over the phone).  You could get hired as a full-time employee or independent contractor.


This is a very popular choice for a work-at-home internet job.  As a copywriter or writer, you will be providing content or copy to your clients in the form of ads, articles, news or press releases.  If you can write well, this is a job you’ll enjoy doing, particularly if you can come up with smart, fresh ideas regularly.

You’ll need only the most basic equipment for this internet job – a good computer, Internet connection, word processing and editing software.


The appeal and popularity of blogging remains high and show no signs of going south any time soon.  If you like to write, can discuss the most relevant topics or provide useful online content, this could be the perfect work-from-home internet job for you.

Many bloggers have turned pro, monetizing their websites and making a name for themselves.  As a blogger, you can earn through advertising such as sponsorship or pay-per-click ads or you could offer premium content for your loyal readers for a monthly or yearly subscription fee.

Online Concierge

You can make good use of your resourcefulness with this lucrative work-at-home internet job.  As a concierge, you’ll handle various types of customer requests and inquiries, ranging from the most basic to the downright bizarre.

As a home-based online concierge, you will be catering to customers’ needs – making hotel reservations, booking a flight, planning a European vacation, finding a cocktail dress or a bottle of rare wine, scheduling a doctor’s appointment, writing a speech for a debutante’s coming out event, finding party favors… the list is endless.

Generally, online concierges work with high-end clients, who pay a good amount of money just to have their requests fulfilled.  This is a service-oriented industry and many times, you will be required to think on your feet and have the right contacts.  But if you fit the bill, this can prove to be an exciting work-at-home internet job for you.

Medical Transcription and Coding

Although many of these jobs are performed on a jobsite, it’s quite possible to find a medical transcription or coding position as a work-at-home internet job.  Generally, this only happens if you have the experience and necessary skills.  Newbies will have to apply for on-site positions and gain experience from there.

Medical transcription and coding will require some training and certifications (in some cases).  The industry maintains some strict standards.  Transcriptionists and coders, for example, have to be trained by AAMT (American Association for Medical Transcription)-approved schools.  This is to ensure quality of the completed work.

As work-at-home internet jobs, medical transcription and coding will require some special equipment other than a computer and reliable Internet access.  Transcriptionists will often be required to use a foot pedal and headphones for listening to recordings they will then have to transcribe.  Coders, on the other hand, need only a good computer with an Internet access, proper knowledge about medical codes and in some cases, a dedicated phone line.


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