4 Worst Ways to Make Money Online

Legitimate money-making opportunities abound in the Internet, but most of them are buried beneath the proliferation of get-rich-quick schemes that ultimately gets you bankrupt. If you want to make money online, just be sure not to do anything listed below.


Online gambling sites are a dime a dozen but while they’re a great way to entertain yourself from time to time, they are not however the best way to make money online. Luck and not performance is the determining factor in gambling. The more you gamble does not necessarily make you earn more money.

Invest Blindly in Forex

The foreign exchange market didn’t use to be open to anyone. They used to be open to big players alone like international banks, governments, and multimillion dollar companies. But then the Internet came along and eventually, it made forex investment a possible way to make money online for small players like you and me.

You only need a reasonable amount of money to open an account and establish your position in the forex. Opening an account and choosing a pair of currency doesn’t, however, immediately guarantee profit. If you made the mistake of thinking that then you’re in for an unpleasant surprise.

Making money through forex requires diligent research and practice. Most forex investment websites allow you to create dummy or demo accounts and use them to let you see possible outcomes of your decisions. You should make good use of it and entering the forex market without practice can be a costly mistake.

While you certainly don’t need a degree in financing and economy to make money through forex, you do need to know how the forex market operates and understand how certain factors can affect the outcome of your trade.

Avail of Every MLM Opportunity

Yes, there are legitimate multi level marketing opportunities, but there are also illegitimate ones and you need to learn how to distinguish them from each other. If you invest in every MLM offer that comes your way, you stand to lose more than whatever you can gain.

A legitimate MLM opportunity always promotes valuable products and services, one you can sell purely on the benefits they offer alone and without having to mention what customers can gain if they become an MLM associate like you. The products and services it sells must be approved by the government.

A legitimate MLM opportunity is not afraid to offer contact information to its associates and has a verifiable place of business. It must not be identified as a company using a pyramid scheme by the Better Business Bureau or the Federal Trade Commission.

You can make more money online with MLM if you start with a few, carefully selected MLM companies. These companies must be selling products or services that you actually need yourself and benefit from. Having personal experience of using the very items you’re selling make the most effective marketing. Working with a few companies also allow you to further hone your skills and devote adequate time to each job. If you work with too many MLM companies, you might not give every opportunity the kind of attention and effort it deserves.

Also, MLM opportunities take a special kind of person to succeed. While you don’t have to be exceptionally skilled or intelligent, you do need a knack for communicating with people, listening to what they want, and convincing them to see things your way…without, of course, obstructing the truth in any way.

Make a Blog or Website and Fill It with Copy-Pasted Articles

You’ve probably heard a lot of people talking about how they’re earning so well just because they have their own website or blog. Listening to them gave you the idea of owning one yourself and while that’s certainly one good way to make money online, it won’t work if you don’t have anything to write about.

Filling your website or blog with articles you’ve copied and pasted in all its entirety will only serve to alienate your readers. If you want to earn from your blog or website, you need to consistently and periodically post content that’s original and interesting to your chosen target market.

It’s great if you can always be the first to post the sort of news that your target market would find irresistible, but if you can’t do that, you should at least make your writing distinguishable in other ways. It’s also impossible to earn advertising revenue from your blog or website without learning SEO.

Now that you know the four worst ways to make money online, just make sure you avoid doing them while looking for the best online job for you.


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