How to Make More Money from Paid Reviews

Finding ways to make money online can be done quickly, but making the money itself can be a slow, painstaking process. Many different sites often say that people can make thousands of dollars in their first month working online, but these people can often be the exception to the rule: many people who work online will often rely only on their online jobs to sustain them, but the truth is an online job can best be used as a source of residual income. One such way to make money online is through writing paid reviews.

In general, paid reviews are carried out when companies that want to have their products or services reviewed recruit people to do reviews of these products and services. This recruitment can be done directly by the company itself, or it can be done through the work of a paid services group that acts as go-between. This paid services group can actually be based online, and often, this paid services group will be paid some of the amount that is assigned to a paid reviewer.

There are many ways for you to be a paid reviewer. The most common way is for you to write a review about a product or service, and then publish this either on a paid review site, or on your blog. Another way is for you to join a focus group, where all of you are given a product, service, or even a marketing technique that you all can evaluate together. This second technique, however, can be difficult to follow through if you are working part-time or full-time, and if you are doing paid reviews only as a hobby. If you simply want to write paid reviews, then you need to know what techniques work best for your writing.

First, making money through paid reviews does not only entail writing and getting paid for these written reviews. You can also earn money by recruiting people to your paid reviews account. You can get commissions when your recruits earn money through their own reviews, and you can get commissions even when you simply get someone else to sign up for the paid reviews program. Look for a paid review program that will allow you to do this.

Second, you will need to check how long your reviews must be. Some paid review programs pay for articles that go for as long as a thousand words, while other paid review programs ask for articles that are short and snappy. You will need to assess your writing skills: do you go for short reviews that have a lot of information and content, or do you go for longer reviews and work on expounding on your thoughts? Moreover, some paid review programs will cater only to certain kinds of reviews of certain kinds of products. You may have all the skills to write a movie review, and there will be some paid review programs that will pay you to do such reviews exclusively. On the other hand, you may have all the writing and reviewing abilities in the world, but you will need to find a program especially suited to your style and content. Think of it  as your own personal search for a publisher – you need one who caters to people who write and think like you.

Third, look for a paid review program that will pay you the most for your output. If a program pays a few dollars for a few thousand words, divide the dollars by the number of words in order to get your dollar/word rate. The higher the dollar/word rate, the better the program. However, some paid review programs may also ask you to sign up for their services. Your fee may be used to maintain the paid review website, as well as to recruit more companies into the program. Take this fee into account as you look for a paid review program that will give you the most money.

Lastly, learn how to diversify. The more things you know how to review, the greater your chances of making many reviews and therefore increasing your earnings. You can do this by learning how to do new things, such as taste wine, analyze a book for its reading value, or even see what makes lecturers or teachers tick. The effectiveness of a review depends on the knowledge and know-how of the person writing it, so make sure that you are a well-read enough expert to make a review.

These are only a few ways that you can go through to make more money through paid reviews. As the Internet diversifies and widens, and as technology evolves, you can expect more from paid reviews online – and who knows? You might be able to get more items, events, and things to review as well!


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