Making Money Online with Skill-Based and Non-Skill Based Jobs

There are essentially two ways you can start making money online: through a skill-based job and through a non-skill based job. Either way can be rewarding financially and personally. Millions of people from around the globe have found online work to be fulfilling because it offers them options that are normally not available with traditional types of work.

Why making money online is a good choice

No one discounts the benefits of making money the traditional way. However, earning an income online is an excellent option. It offers an individual or a business owner access to a platform that is low-cost, faster and more convenient. Where else can you find a job that lets you become your own boss, keep a work schedule to your liking and wear something that would otherwise be frowned upon at the office?

Skill-based jobs

One of the most common ways of making money online is through a skill-based job. These types of jobs are those that require special skills and often, some form of training or certification.

What types of jobs belong to the skill-based category? There’s a long list of jobs that require skills. These include:

  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting
  • Web services
  • Photography
  • Computer programming
  • Financial services
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Virtual assistance

What do these jobs require?

Each of these jobs has a unique set of requirements. Copywriters, for example, provide electronic content for online sites and so should be able to write well. Web designers, on the other hand, provide assistance for individuals and businesses that need to build their own sites. This requires them to have the training and creativity required for the job.

While some of these jobs rely on skill and experience, there are some that might require training and/or certification. If you work as an accountant, bookkeeper, online naturopathist, computer programmer or coach, for example, you will need to have the right educational background, license, certification and some experience in order to get hired.

How much do you earn?

Companies pay excellently for skill-based jobs, particularly those that require special tasks for special projects. Highly skilled and experienced virtual assistants, for example, can earn approximately $30 an hour.

Some jobs, such as web design allow people to charge per project. One project, depending on the size and complexity, can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars worth.

Non-skill based jobs

If you think that all the methods of making money online are exclusively for skilled individuals, you’re wrong. There are plenty of work available online that don’t require any special skills or training. All you need is basic computer skills and a working knowledge of the Internet.

Some of the non-skill based jobs that let you make money online include:

  • Online paid surveys
  • Data entry
  • Domain name trading
  • PPC advertising
  • MLM
  • E-mail reading

What do these jobs require?

Essentially nothing or at least, very little. You’ll need some decent computer skills, an Internet connection, some time and a little bit of effort. Non-skill based jobs are some of the easiest methods of making money online. Basically, you just need to know how to follow instructions, maybe perform some research, build a network (admittedly, you’ll need basic selling and marketing skills here) or just have the patience to read and enter data.

One of the simplest ways of making money online, for example, is participating in online paid surveys. The steps are quite simple – register as a member, choose the categories of survey topics you want to participate in and then wait for the survey company to send you the electronic forms.

Simply fill out these forms, hit the ‘send’ button and wait for your pay, usually coursed through check or an electronic payment processing system like PayPal. Most survey takers often select multiple categories, which allow them to receive more surveys on different topics. Of course, the more surveys you participate in, the more earnings you get.

How much do you earn?

Again, that depends on the nature of the work you do. PPC advertising can pay from a few cents per click to several dollars. Multiply that by the number of visitors who click on your ads and you have a pretty good idea of how much you’ll earn.

With online paid surveys, you can generally earn from about $2 for a simple survey to about $50, depending on the complexity and nature of the survey. Some survey companies also offer points for surveys taken instead of cash. These points can translate to gifts or prizes or they could earn you entry into sweepstakes where there are prizes (often in cash) up for grabs.

Once you become a regular, you’ll find that online paid surveys can be a fun and effective way of making money online. They’re simple, don’t require hard work or skills and if you participate in enough surveys, they can be a good source of extra income.


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