Quick Money: Quack or Genuine Opportunity?

Ask someone to tell you how to make quick money and they’ll probably suggest a few methods, some of which may either be impossible to do or downright illegal.  There are plenty of promises you can find hiding in classified ads sections of the newspapers, plastered on a piece of paper hanging from a bulletin board or just simply whispered conspiratorially by one of your friends.  So is there really such thing as making quick money and if there is, which methods are the best ways to make it?

Making quick money

These days, there’s very little reason for you not to be able to make money quickly.  A little resourcefulness and some patience can go a long way to help you earn extra cash.  It’s all about implementing the simplest rules of business.  Have a product/skill/service that you can sell and get paid for it.  The trick is to make the time it takes to sell the product and receive payment shorter.

The realities of making quick money

You can’t make quick money without preparation.  There is no magic spell or formula that can make money appear as soon as you wish for it.  There is a certain amount of effort and time involved.  Preparation will help you get organized and minimize the costs you could incur due to mistakes.  And yes, in some cases, to make quick money you will have to invest a little money.

Is quick money a reality?

Of course, there are scams and fake opportunities that will promise you quick bucks.  But those are distractions you’ll find anywhere, whether you’re trying to generate income online or off.  However, there are ways you can use and techniques you can apply that can shorten the period when your investment returns to you along with the profit.

Some of the factors you must consider for making quick money include:

The method

The method with which you make quick money will impact your success.  Some proven moneymaking methods can be lucrative but they can take a while before they let you earn.  Some examples of these methods are building and monetizing your own website, joining an affiliate marketing team, blogging and domain name trading.

To make quick money, the method should be simpler – basic, at best.  Forex trading, for example, can turn your initial investment of a hundred dollars to thousands of dollars in just a week’s time.  It is a rather risky method but it pays well and the payout is fast.  The nature of the business is quite simply conducive to making quick money.  How simple is the method?  At its core, forex trading is simply a sophisticated means of buying and selling currencies.

The skill
Some methods of making quick money require some skills.  That explains why there are people who are not successful in implementing them because they don’t have the skills or the interest to learn them.

The demand

You can’t make quick money unless there is someone out there willing to buy from you.  That makes it important for you to consider whether: a) your product or service is saleable and b) the market is willing and able to perform a business transaction with you.

Quick rules for making quick money

Consider residual income.  Residual income refers to the kind of compensation you receive for a task or project that you have already completed.  The main difference between this type of income and the income you receive doing a job is that the finished product or project will continue to generate income long after it’s done.  This is the type of income you receive as interest, rental fees or royalties.

Of course, the time it will take for you to create the product might take a while.  It takes a quality product in order to qualify as a residual income generator.  If you don’t have the patience and want to make quick money, consider a short cut.  E-books, for example, are products with proven power in generating residual income.  Instead of creating your own from scratch, consider purchasing a good quality private label rights product that you can modify and then sell as your own.

Do it legally.  It’s quite possible to make a lot of quick money through some shady deal but heaven knows many people have done it.  However, would you really want to risk your reputation and your freedom for a few Benjamins?

Quack money – the kind you make from methods that are suspect – can buy you lots of stuff, including a one way ticket to a country that has no extradition treaty with your motherland.  However, that’s no life to lead.  Best make quick money the legal way and grow it.  Who knows?  Someday when you’re a big shot, you could even write an inspirational book about how you made your millions.  And then make more quick money with your royalties.


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