The Two Best Ways to Make Easy Money during the Summer Holidays

If you don’t have enough money to go on summer vacation, here are ten effective ways to make easy money during the holidays – and hopefully, it’s enough to give you a weekend getaway before school starts.


Yes, it’s been done and suggested a hundred times by a hundred kids you know so why not take a leaf out of their books and do the same? Babysitting pays good money and especially if you have the necessary skills, excellent references, and a trustworthy reputation.

In most cases, parents want a babysitter who’s sure to get along with their kids and won’t abuse the trust given to them when they’re left to manage the client’s home without supervision. Additional skills like being able to take care of infants or tutoring kids are a plus and would definitely result to increased wages. And if you’re sure you’ve done a good job, don’t forget to ask for references because they’re sure to come in handy when you apply for the next job!


Yes, it’s true. You can earn just by blogging. And you don’t even have to write something as titillating as Gossip Girl’s blog. Case in point would be the teenager Chloe Spencer. At first glance, she’s just like any ordinary high school student you see in the street. But get to know her a little better and you’ll find out that the 16 year old girl is earning at least $30 a day from advertising revenues. What’s her blog about? Cheats for the popular website!

When asked about how her Internet success came to be, Chloe pointed out as how she started by researching the appropriate keywords to use for the type of blog she intended to use. Once she had the right keywords for her blog title and even section headings, she then used to build a professional and effective blog for herself. She also worked on building links and all those helped in making her the success she is today. Chloe has also added that she is looking to expand her website to include discussion forums and maybe other niche subjects.

You, too, have the chance to build a profitable blog like Chloe Spencer. Start by choosing a topic for your blog. It must be something you truly love. It would also help if you’re knowledgeable about it, but if not, then you must at least have the potential to understand its components easily and the resources to find out the latest news in the topic.

If you’ve decided upon a topic already, the next thing to do is, just as Chloe had done, familiarize yourself with the best keywords for your blog. You should also invest your time in learning about search engine optimization. SEO is a critical aspect of online marketing and it’s SEO, indeed, that makes keywords work for your blog.

Next, look for the ideal blog hosting software to give you the blog you want. If possible, try sticking with a blog host that allows you to customize the design for your website. Next, purchase your own domain name. Don’t worry. A domain name is not terribly expensive, and in time, you’ll see that your own domain name makes a good investment for your blog.

You now have your blog ready so the next thing to do is find advertisers for your website. Sign up for online services like Google Adsense. If they approve of your website, they’ll start displaying advertisements on your blog. The type of advertisements that are going to show up on your blog will be chosen based on their relevance to your blog theme.

In order to generate advertising revenues, you need to generate traffic for your blog. To do that, you’ll have to attract them with your writing. Think of entries that are sure to interest your readers and when you can come up with that then money’s going to start rolling in.

Another way to generate profit for your blog is through affiliate marketing. In this case, you don’t have to sign up with websites like Adsense. What you do have to sign up with, however, are websites with affiliate marketing programs.

In an affiliate marketing program, the merchant requires to have a text or image link to his website displayed on the affiliate’s site or blog. He will then pay a percentage-based commission whenever a visitor performs the desired action. It could be something like buying a product or service or something as simple as signing up for his newsletter.

With these tips, you can make easy money right away and still have enough time to turn your summer around. Good luck!


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