Earn a Lot through Online Surveys

As you might already know, marketing research firms and other companies have been carrying out consumer surveys. This is a part of the sales and marketing tactics of almost all companies. Presently, the internet made it easier for marketers to collect, collate and analyze the comments and ideas of consumers unlike the past methods. The easiness that the internet provides is only one of the many factors for the existence and popularity of online paid surveys.

If you want to earn extra money, you can make internet browsing and taking online surveys a winning habit. These surveys can really bring cash that you can’t imagine having. Here are some of the popular sites. These sites do not charge any membership fees and there are no agents or middlemen who charge service fees.

  1. i-Say. Everyday, numerous survey takers can win instant cash, services and goods through this site. The survey takers can earn points that can be redeemed in the form of merchandise or gift cards. VIP members are entitled to win a car or $5,000 quarterly. The new members on the other hand are qualified to win an amount of up to $5,000 upon joining. It must be noted that the amount indicated are for United States members only and other amounts may vary in different countries.
  2. Online Square Internet Research Panel. This online paid survey is owned by comScore Networks with offices in London, Toronto and a few cities in the U.S. In this online survey, the compensation is in the form of cash or prizes which are redeemable by sweepstakes entries and points. Survey takers must install the software application first if he is really interested in these surveys. The results of the surveys are cited by leading media like Wall Street Journal and New York Times.
  3. Survey Adventure. This gives a free database of all the best-paying surveys from about a hundred of research and marketing firms. Registrants may get up to $150 per hour by joining the marketing research, and paid surveys. The compensation is also in the form of cash or points which are redeemable for prizes and cash. This company is headquartered in Indianapolis, IN and owned by Strategic Financial Publishing Incorporated.
  4. Harris Poll Online. These polls started during John F. Kennedy’s presidential campaign and as such, it is one of the oldest polls in the world. Harris Interactive Inc. which is an international market research firm is the owner of this survey. It is located in Rochester, NY. It compensates through Hipoints that is redeemable for gift certificates and merchandise. Registrants can also be compensated with sweepstakes drawings.
  5. FoodQuiz. The survey taker can also get prizes by a drawing in each survey about a new food product. Per survey, the first prize is $500, with 2 ($200) and 15 ($20) takes. Griffith Laboratories which is a food products manufacturer in Alsip, IL is the operator of this paid survey.
  6. eLab Global Panel. A survey taker will not only be entitled for a random drawing with prizes of up to $100, he can also help the grad students of University of California to conduct an academic research about online consumer behavior. One can also be entitled in a separate draw with prizes, products or gift certificates if he participates in the research study.

All of these paid survey sites are owned by a data-collection business, international or U.S. marketing research firm or other firms engaged in the conduct of legitimate online paid-surveys. When these companies are listed, no fees are charged to join their sites.

Though the possibility to earn from online paid surveys is real, you still need to be cautious. Typical earnings can also require you to spend extra money for free services and goods. There are rarely large cash outs outside the sweepstakes winnings. Most reliable survey takers are those who usually acquire the best paying surveys.

The consumers who are also called panelists or respondents should be invited to finish paid surveys, join the paid focus groups or earn from marketing research. The respondents should fit the targeted demographic profiles such as income, age, location, gender, etc. to be able to be invited.

Normally, one cannot possibly fit all the targeted profile and the earnings may depend on the number of the invitations he received depending on the profile and sometimes, his reliability. For example, a registrant’s chances of winning a certain prize in the sweepstakes draw will be based on the number of winners and entrants and on how many times he has entered it.

To make a survey taker’s demographic profile and be paid for it, a site should ask for a person’s personal information during the screening survey and registration. This will determine if a taker will be eligible for a certain paid survey. When listed, sites are not allowed to disclose the information about the survey takers. This is enclosed in the privacy policies of all online sites and a standard policy of the marketing research industry.

Online paid-surveys are authentic and not all can be entitled to such an awesome money making venture. If you are into it, chances are, you are having a good time not only but by earning lots of money but helping a certain company. The companies become aware of their shortcomings and what improvements can be done. Online paid surveys can let you earn a lot so start browsing legitimate sites and register now!


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