Get Paid for Joining Online Surveys

My attention was caught by an online post of a 13 year old girl which goes like this “I wanted to know if there are any survey sites out there which get you paid for taking them. A survey site which pays a fair amount from $500 to $1000 a month or 2. No scams please!” Obviously, online surveys have become very enticing not only to older individuals but teens!

There are many websites which pay a lot for people with great interest on online surveys. Better than just browsing the internet about the latest craze in fashion or the latest in NBA, you can earn through taking surveys. You too can take part and get paid by joining these online surveys. But don’t you worry, you can still continue with your web browsing because it will not eat up all of your time.

Online Survey Sites

You must be well informed about a survey site before you join. To know more about these online sites, you must know their products and services since you’ll be commenting about the experiences you had when you tried those. Here are some of the survey sites which you can consider:

American Consumer Opinion Panel. This is a reputed firm engaged in marketing research. They will pay you cash to finish online paid surveys. Decision Analyst Inc., which is a leading marketing consulting and research firm, operates this survey. This is headquartered in the area of Dallas-Fort Worth. You can earn as much as $4 – $25 for each survey you finish. Your payment will be mailed to you within 4 weeks after completing the survey; this is in form of a check.

Zoom Panel. This site gets people’s opinion on their product concepts. As a panelist, you will have to comment on their products. There are a wide variety of surveys which you can take. And once you finished your survey, you will receive ZoomPoints which are redeemable for gift cards, music, popular movies and a lot more! You can also receive gift cards which are redeemable to merchandise of popular retailers. Your ZoomPoints will be based on the specific survey you completed and normally vary between 25 and 150.

Choozz Entertainment Panel. You can also shape the world of video games, music and even movies. You can help in Choozz Research Panel by registering and taking their surveys. By sharing your opinions and ideas on the latest issues on entertainment, you can earn great rewards and true cash payouts. You can also play the Instant Win Game once you complete the survey and qualify. This game entitles you to win thousands of dollars in form of prizes and cash. You will also have a chance to win the $25,000 cash sweepstakes and gadgets like digital cameras, i-Pods, travel vouchers and more!

Nielsen Netratings. For more than 50 years, the Nielsen Television Family and the Nielsen Media Research have helped shaped the programming and the trends of the present TV. You now have the opportunity to join the NetRatings/Nielsen Internet Panel. You can help them track the course of our world wide web tomorrow. You can be a member by filling out a household profile form and finish the installation of their software (NielsenOnline exe). This software is safe, the Netratings value the privacy of their panelists; so you can use your computer and internet as you normally do.

Smart M: Panel. This new research panel is created by M:Metrics. Their purpose is to gauge smartphone feature usage. Being their panelist is safe and easy. You just have to install their research software through a text link that is sent to your phone. This software will record your usage of their mobile phone features like games, email, web browsing, etc. The data will then be transmitted to M:Metrics without any interference with your normal phone usage. You can then receive cash and other incentives as long as you opt to maintain the software in your phone. If you are interested, you will need a Symbian, Palm wireless device or a A Windows. You should also have an internet connection, a data plan for your device and an email account. Upon joining, you will receive $15 and another $5 a month as long as you are a member.

Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council (JCOC). This is established so that the worldwide jewelry retailers, manufacturers and gem mining companies could understand the desires, needs and opinions of the jewelry consumers. Being a member of JCOC will entitle you to win in their sweepstakes drawings and contests. You can also avail of their giveaway prizes such as watches, jewelry gifts, cash, etc. You can also access their up-to-date jewelry trends and news.

Obviously, there are a lot of survey sites which offer anyone lots of opportunities to earn. What you only have to acquire is the patience to answer their surveys and you can really have extra cash and prizes instantly. This in turn will be very helpful to various companies because they really need customer opinions for their products’ improvements.


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