Got Spare Time? Make Money Online

The bottomline is, you CAN make money online.  However, you will have to navigate yourself carefully through a maze filled with great opportunities, so-so opportunities and scams.  Although there are false opportunities that are as easy to detect as an orange shirt in a closet filled with blue pants, there are others that are so cleverly disguised that they can fool even some of the smartest and experienced people around.

The key here is to ensure that an online money-making opportunity is for real, offered by a real company and backed by real advertisers.  Once you find the ones that offer a genuine potential, they really do pay a fair amount in exchange for effort on your part.  Here are a few methods you can use to make money online:

Sell products

If there’s a demand, meet it.  Products are often born this way, which makes it possible for consumers to access better stuff and for sellers to build their businesses.  Products can be anything that can be accessed electronically, shipped or delivered.  From e-books, electronic cards, special reports and premium content to flowers, baby clothes, pies and organically grown plants, there are thousands of products you can potentially make money online with.

What to do: set up an online shop through your own website or sell through an auction site like eBay.  Customers either order and pay for the goods directly or they can participate in a bid.

How you make money online: customers pay you through an electronic payment processing system or in checks.  You’ll earn money for each successful transaction.

PPC advertising

PPC stands for pay-per-click, a form of advertising commonly found on the Internet.  The most popular of these are those made through affiliate programs.

What they are: PPCs let site owners monetize their websites by carrying ads from advertising or affiliate programs.

How you make money online: you get paid for every pre-agreed action performed by your visitors, whether clicking on an ad alone, purchasing the product advertised, subscribing to a membership, etc.

Domain names

A domain name is that unique text you find that identifies a particular website.  It is accompanied by its own unique IP address, which is numeric.  When people type the name of a website on their browser, it is the domain name they use.

What they are: If they want to use a search engine, for example, they type or or, depending on their preference.  The .com, .org or .net you find in domain names are called top-level domains while the names itself, such as Google, Yahoo and Ask are second level domains.  These are the domains that you can make money online with.

How you earn money online: If you have the money to spend, you’ll find that trading in domain names can be profitable.  Find domain names that have potential, those that someone will want to buy.  Look for keywords that are popular with searches or unregistered names on websites that might become popular in the future.  Buy these at low prices and when they become in demand later, sell them at higher prices.  You make a profit from the difference.

Making money with domain names can take a bit of research and some effort on your part but if you’re really good at it, this can be a really excellent source of income.

Participate in online surveys

Everybody has an opinion but if yours is the kind that needs to be heard, this is the best way for you to make money online.  Billions of dollars are placed on consumer research, a good part of which are used to finance online paid surveys.

What they are: online paid surveys are… well, surveys you participate in online.  You access them as electronic forms asking you a series of questions regarding your preferences, what products you like to buy, which features you want to see, what types of consumer goods or services you are willing to pay for and what types of products you have recently bought, among others.

How you make money online: you will need to register as a participant, then fill out a form where you can choose what types of things you’re interested in – household products, gadgets, electronics, personal care, vehicles, etc.  The survey company then sends you surveys related to the categories you checked.

You get paid for each survey you participate in, sent to you via an online payment transaction system like PayPal or a check in the mail.

There are several dozens of ways you can use to make money online, all legit.  The key here is to look for the methods that you are comfortable with and have the skills for.  Once you’ve set up the necessary requirements – website, payment processing, etc. – it shouldn’t be long until you begin earning income.


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