Need Extra Cash? 11 Ways to Earn It Online

Thank heavens for the Internet.  Now, more than ever, there are hundreds of ways anyone can use to earn some much needed extra cash easily and quickly.  From decent-paying jobs you can do on the side to high income potential business opportunities, there’s plenty to tap here.  All you truly need is some creativity, enough skills and some patience.  Here are just a few of the ways you can earn extra cash online:

Easy-Does-It jobs:
These are earning opportunities that don’t require a lot in terms of equipment, skills, training or experience.

Data entry

The most basic things you need are a computer, reliable Internet access and decent typing skills.  This is a very easy job, requiring you to simply enter data onto your computer.  You will be working on a project basis and will get in touch directly with the company who needs your skills or with a third party firm that hires data processors.

Domain name trading

This is pretty simple stuff and if you get to be really good at it, you could really earn well with just one transaction.  However, be prepared for some research because you’ll need to find out which domain names have potential commercial value.  Register these names and wait till someone contacts you to buy.  The income from transactions can vary, depending on the demands and how much you’re willing to sell the names for.

Selling merchandise online

Whether you sell your own products or sell someone else’s, this method is an excellent money maker.  Ask around – your family, friends, colleagues or neighbors – and you’ll probably find one who has tried making extra cash from selling something that someone else finds valuable.

What to sell?  You’re only limited by your imagination and demand.  Find excellent ideas online.  Go to classified ads listings on websites or auction sites.  You’ll be able to determine which stuff sell well.  It could be anything – vintage clothing, accessories, power tools, baked goods, old designer bags, collectibles, old china, personalized stuff, gift items, perfume, soaps… you get the idea.

Contact jobs:

These are the type of extra cash sources that require you to work with other people.


Multi-level marketing has suffered from attacks in the past but it remains as a strong industry.  It is also a good source of extra cash, requiring you to work (requires selling and networking) during your spare time.  You earn from commissions made from the sale of the MLM company’s products and also a percentage of commissions from the sales of your referrals.

Affiliate marketing

As an affiliate, you post your advertiser’s ad links on your website and invite your visitors to click.  Depending on your agreement with the advertiser, you can get paid when:

  • your visitor clicks on an ad
  • your visitor subscribes to the advertiser’s program through the link
  • your visitor purchases something from the advertiser
  • your visitor completes the advertiser’s survey


You can profit from a blog.  Many people already have.  To monetize your blog, post ad links on your site or allow banner ads from advertisers to show on your web pages.

If you’re terrific at providing information, set fees for subscription to premium content or sell products from your site.  Affiliate marketing also works well with a blog, particularly if you can write great reviews about products and services provided by your advertisers.

Skill jobs:

These are the jobs that help you maximize your skills, experience and training.


If you’re a pretty good writer, have excellent grammar and can write about specific topics, you have a good chance to be hired on a regular basis.  Or, you could write on a project-to-project basis.

Web design

Creativity can help you use your skills to help other people set up their websites.  The pay can be good and you’ll appreciate the extra cash and the opportunity to practice your skills.  Once you get more customers, the pay should give you a nice chunk of cash to keep in your nest egg.

Coaching, teaching and mentoring jobs:

These are the jobs that let you share your experience and expertise.

Life coach

You’ll need good experience and some sort of training for this.  People won’t trust you if you have nothing to show regarding your qualifications.  You could earn good money once you get regular clients.  Publish a book or e-book that will sell well and you’re on your way.

Graphic design adviser

If graphic design is your passion, build your rep using your own website.  Make money from ads, links and referrals.  Be ready to offer free tips and advice, though.

Financial adviser

Everybody will need good financial advice at least once in their lives.  If you’re very knowledgeable about the industry and can help people manage their money, this is the job for you.  The extra cash comes from subscription fees, memberships to your financial success club, personal mentoring and even ads and affiliate links.


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