Online Internet Jobs for College Students

College life is one that’s filled with so many opportunities. These opportunities aren’t just found within the university’s walls but outside as well, taking the form of dancing at the hippest bars, attending the hottest parties, and watching concerts of your favorite stars. All these however require money – one thing that college students are notorious for being short of. You, however, have the chance to be known for the opposite if you take up any of the online Internet jobs described below.


Yes, it’s true. You can earn just by writing in your blog. But of course, there’s a catch. Firstly, you have to create a theme for your blog – one that’s sure to attract people to your website. In your case, it has to be something you know a lot about, one you can write with pleasure and great knowledge, and one that has or can develop its own target market.

To promote your blog, you must post entries consistently and regularly. Set a routine and stick to it so that readers will know when to expect a new entry from your blog. Use titles that are attention-grabbing but at the same time explains the essence of your post. Keep your introduction brief but detailed, and one that effectively lures readers into reading more. Keep all paragraphs short and use sub-headers as much as you can. Always finish your posts with a paragraph that summarizes your content and a strong call to action.

Invite readers to comment on your entries and likewise, circulate around the blogging community and post comments on other blogs whenever you have something valuable to contribute. In blogging, it’s always important to make your entries a first in anything!

Once people start checking your blog regularly, you can then apply for a Google Adsense account and have advertising displayed on your blog. You then earn money from the revenue generated from ads on your blog. All writing and marketing tips used for blogging can also be applied to your own website. Your website can generate advertising revenue, too.

Affiliate Marketing

Again, you’ll need a blog or your own website to make money with affiliate marketing.

Merchant websites create affiliate programs to help market their products and services. As an affiliate, you’ll have to post a link of the merchant website in your homepage. You earn commission every time a visitor performs the desired action such as opting in to the merchant’s list or purchasing from the merchant website. You can earn more money from affiliate marketing if the products and services sold by the merchant are directly related to the main theme of your blog or website.

Multilevel Marketing

Yes, it’s now possible to become an online multilevel marketer. Startup fees are reasonably affordable, even for one with a typical college student’s allowance. Besides using your blog and website to market your MLM products, you can also promote them by participating in forums and creating podcasts and articles then submitting them to directories.

There are two primary ways to earn from MLM. Firstly, you earn commissions from every product or service you sell. Secondly, you earn extra cash whenever you recruit new associates for the MLM company you’re with. You also earn commissions on the products and services your direct recruits – and in some cases, this can extend to branches further down your money tree – manage to sell.

Of course, most MLM companies don’t hesitate to reward associates showing exemplary performance with exciting prizes like all-expense-paid trips, custom-made jewelry, and brand new cars.

To succeed in multilevel marketing, you must have genuine trust in what you’re selling and retain your sense of optimism. Can you do that?

Learning Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the most effective way to Internet marketing and no online Internet job can do without it. One important thing you should understand about online Internet jobs is that they don’t make use of the traditional employer-employee relationship. Whether you work for someone or not, you’ll generally be left to your own devices and it’s up to you to attract visitors to your website. Quality traffic is the ultimate basis of your online income so if you want to earn now, you better learn SEO fast.

Why Online Internet Jobs are Perfect for College Students

Working online is an excellent way for college students to make money because it requires resources they already have, particularly a computer and Internet connection. More importantly, most online Internet jobs can be done anytime of the day, ensuring that it doesn’t distract them from their studies.


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