Online Jobs: Is It Time to Quit Your Day Job?

There are essentially two reasons why people choose online jobs: one is the amount of relative freedom they obtain and the second is the potential for good income. Just how good? Suffice it to say that there have been a few hardworking individuals who have since quit their regular jobs to work full-time on their online jobs. Is it your turn?

Online, offline

There are two ways you can be involved in an online job – create one or be involved in one. Either way, you can take advantage of an excellent earning opportunity. Online jobs have exploded on the job market, from Szechuan to Singapore to Sydney. These days, it’s quite possible to find an online job you can do on your spare time, requiring minimal training and experience and quite possibly, minimal effort.

Take online paid surveys, for example. Offline, they don’t pay you anything for taking the time to fill out a questionnaire. Sure, marketing and sales personnel will probably throw a sample of new laundry detergent or a CD containing a trial version of an online game your way but that’s about it. They thank you for your time and off you go.

With online paid surveys, you get paid for simply giving opinion. With this type of online job, it’s quite possible to earn about $75 in just one day completing 3 to 4 survey forms that took just under an hour to finish. And all you had to do was sit in front of your PC and answer a few questions. That’s easily not something you can expect from a traditional day job.

Finding those online jobs

So where exactly are these online jobs? They are waiting on select websites on the Internet, waiting for the most qualified and willing to take them on. Choose from part-time to full-time jobs and telecommuting jobs that involve anything from art to computer repair to copywriting to advertising to web design. If you have the skills, it’s next to impossible that you never find one that fits you well.

Use search engines to look for the kind of online jobs you want to do or go to websites and look up which jobs are available by category.


If you have the time and can spare the effort, it’s quite possible that you can work at two or three online jobs at a time. Online jobs tend to be project-based while others pretty much let you do what you want with your time. Still, there are online jobs that only require a few hours each week to complete.

A word of caution, though: if you choose to be involved in several online jobs at the same time, make sure you can handle the demands and the pressure. Some jobs are easy while others will require your focus and attention. Handling too many jobs at a time can cause the quality of your work to suffer, something that your online clients may not be pleased about.

So what about that day job?

The world is full of possibilities but many of these are coupled by uncertainties. Even a regular job doesn’t offer 100% security, so expect none of this with an online job. It could be gold right now and then go bust later.

However, there is a way to take advantage of the opportunity without feeling as if you’ve just painted your future with barbecue sauce and fed it to the wolves. If you feel that your future includes dabbling with an online job, by all means, give it a try.

Many of the successful online business owners and e-entrepreneurs started out this way, managing their regular jobs while working on online jobs part-time. This can be advantageous to you. First, it gives you a taste of what the online job can offer – its processes, demands, potential market, earnings, strengths, limitations, etc. All these, without letting go of your main line.

Second, it helps you practice on the skills you will need to learn in order to work more efficiently on that online job. Are you an accountant by day and a graphic designer by night? Punching all those numbers from morning till night won’t hone your creative skills – but working on them part-time will.

Third, there is that possibility of earning some nice extra income, all from doing something you’re good at and actually like. Does your job as an accountant limit your ability to pay for a nice car? Maybe your earnings from your online job will give you enough for a downpayment. Go and explore.


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