Paid Online Surveys: Important Things to Know Before Getting Into It

How true is it that you can actually get paid with real cash just to state your opinion online about products or services? Is there validity in many claims that one could actually earn a living while doing online surveys? If so, how does this work?

Many people have been curious if what a lot of the things they see online claim that just by answering some survey questions, one can earn some real cash. You are probably one of those who have gotten curious and would probably want to try it out but you are somewhat hesitant because of the many warnings that you have also read about this topic. You are probably worried that it just might be another scam. Here are some very important things that you should know first about paid online surveys before you actually try answering one.

  1. There is some validity to this claim. Many have already earned some cash and others just by taking these online surveys. Research companies and product companies cater to consumers for their income. In order to get to the top of the line or at least, to maintain where they are now, they do online survey (the cheapest and easiest-to-manage type of survey) to ask consumers about their products so they could constantly improve on product quality. This also holds true for most service companies.
  2. It is true. Many of the online surveys you see online are scams. Most of the time, these surveys only want to get your personal information to be used later for identity theft or something. Scams would often exaggerate how they see things. They often promise you cash and others that they cannot deliver. So you better be wary of these scams before getting into the business. Always do your background check.
  3. The truth about getting paid for doing online surveys is that earning cash doing this is plainly not enough to live off it. Most legitimate online survey companies pay only $10 at the maximum for each survey taken. Oftentimes, surveys pay only $2 to $5 for answered surveys.
  4. Here is one great thing about taking surveys. It is fun and most of the time, it is easy. For just a little portion of your time occasionally, you can actually earn some cash or some cool stuff. Time spent on your keyboard is not time wasted because you are actually working without too much effort and the least of investment.
  5. The amount that you get for each survey depends on things like difficulty of the questions to be answered and the length of time one takes to finish answering a survey. Sometimes, for $10, it takes as much as an hour to 1 ½ hours to answer all the questions.
  6. To be considered qualified to answer the survey, most companies would normally require that you fall under certain categories. That means you should be in some particular age group, engaged in a particular business or taking a particular mode of transportation, and so on. The list goes on and on.This simply means that you cannot possibly fall under all the categories. Given these qualifications, most likely, you will not qualify for most surveys. Simply put, you will only get paid for surveys you take that you actually qualify for. Therefore, there is not enough chances to earn big from, is there? But earning some extra cash would be really great if that’s what you are aiming for in the first place.
  7. Getting paid for surveys you take does not mean you get compensated with cash all the time. There are many types of incentives and most of the time, it isn’t cash. Most companies only offer discounted products, coupons, travel or hotel stays, etc. If these companies do pay, they do not and will never pay BIG CASH as some ads would say. If these companies did that, then they would go out of business in no time.
  8. Joining a legitimate online survey should be free. Be very careful if you are being asked to pay just to join the survey. If they are asking for money, do not join. This is a scam. But you also have to be wary because many scams also ask you to register for free. That means they are stealing some other thing from you like personal information.

Legitimate companies do ask for personal information but would withhold the information and would only use it if they had your approval. And, legitimate companies will never ask you to pay to take the survey. Remember, they need you and not the other way around.

What you have read so far are the most important things that you have to consider before you get yourself into this line of business. It is important that you get into a legitimate company that will value your precious time and appreciate your efforts for giving them answers that they need to make their company better.


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