Tired of the Old 9-to-5? Work Online

A job is a job is a job… until you wake up one day to find out that you’ve fallen out of love for it or that it just doesn’t pay enough.  What to do?  You have a few choices: quit and look for greener pastures, take on a second job similar to your first or do what millions of other people have done and work online.

By working online, you open up a door that leads to multiple possibilities and still have access to income that will supplement what you have right now.  Who knows?  It could even be the beginning of a new career for you.  Once you’re an established entity on the Internet and are earning enough, what should stop you from working online full-time where your income is more than enough to let you do what you want and still let you live a comfortable life?

Advantages of finding work online

One of the top reasons people work online is the convenience.  The Internet has closed the physical distance between people, allowing them to communicate in real time regardless of where they are.  Or at least, exchange information much faster than they normally could if they were using more traditional means.

Another reason is that it’s low cost.  By working online, you eliminate expenses that you otherwise have to worry about on a daily basis if you were still pounding the sidewalk or sitting in an enclosed space called the cubicle.

Online work requires only the minimum – a computer, Internet connection, a webcam, few office supplies and equipment necessary to the completion of a job and you’re set.  With an office job, there’s the long commute, the stress, the pollution, the prohibitively high gas prices, the wardrobe, the insufferable boss, even the watercooler politics.  All these you can avoid by simply choosing to work online.

What types of online work are there?

There are plenty of online work you can sign up for, many of which are perfect for part-timers and freelancers.  As long as you have the skills and training required for the job, you can easily start working as an independent contractor or as a member of an online team.

Some jobs you can expect include: computer programming, online paid surveys, copywriting, virtual assistance, web design, SEO services, consultancy, financial services and website maintenance, among others.  These jobs let you work with an individual or a company.  You’ll usually get hired for these jobs by answering help wanted ads on online classifieds or bidding on jobs posted on websites.

If you prefer simpler tasks that don’t require a lot of time but still help you earn an income, try jobs such as online paid surveys, data entry, blogging and article writing.  Participating in paid surveys, essentially one of the easiest ways you can work online, does not require a lot of your time or effort.  In fact, you don’t even have to complete special training just to participate.  Got an opinion?  That’s all survey companies need to know.

What are the conditions to be expected when working online?

Basically, you become a freelancer or independent service provider.  You could probably be hired on retainership as well.  While there may be online work that require you to work for a company, there are only a few that offer the standard employer-employee relationship.  Most of the types of work you’ll find online are project-based or on a per-piece base.

Although you probably will not be working under someone’s direct supervision, there might be a standard of work quality that you will have to comply with.  Deadlines will be included, which pretty much limits the time you’ll be spending on other tasks at home.

However, you’ll enjoy the fact that there is relative freedom to be enjoyed if you work online.  As long as you can complete the tasks, you can wake up and start working at any time you like, take as many breaks as you like, be close to your family and finish a project wearing an old, tattered shirt you had since college.  Try to do that in an office environment.

Are there any downsides to this type of work?

When you find an opportunity to work online, don’t always expect roses.  However, don’t expect iron nails and acid either.  The key here is to find that online work you have the skills and training for, the type of work that you are interested and are effective in.

If you have doubts about an opportunity to work online, give it a try, perhaps on a part-time basis.  As long as you find legitimate opportunities, you’ll find that these types of work are well worth the effort.


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