Answers Research, Inc.,A leading provider of market research

Answers Research, Inc., headquartered in Solana Beach, California, is a leading provider of market research for clients working in ultra-competitive industries worldwide. Answers Research is a strategic market research firm with expertise in designing and implementing a full range of unique methodologies and capabilities. A combination of leading edge statistical techniques, extensive experience and inside industry knowledge provides clients with research results that are valid, projectable and actionable.

Since their founding in 1989, Answers Research has completed over 700 major research projects with decision-makers in advanced technology industries. These studies have each been uniquely designed to meet the needs of each particular client. Many of their projects have been international —  regularly complete projects in the Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Americas.

They specialize in market research for hyper competitive industries and believe that this focus adds superior service to clients. Staying abreast of leading research methods allows them to quickly come up to speed on clients’ specific research needs. To best serve their customers, they continually develop efficient methodologies that provide actionable results within clients’ strict time constraints.

The company’s has grown to include a complete range of quantitative and qualitative solutions designed to deliver valid, actionable, and timely results.


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