Canada’s Market intelligence Leader

Ipsos Canada is one of the world’s leading survey-based marketing research firms. They live and work in the largest markets and do business anywhere they’re called on.

Ipsos are always searching for the best and the brightest to join their team. As a recent grad or a seasoned professional, they want you to bring your intelligence, creativity, and a fresh new perspective to Ipsos. Ipsos provides a workplace that encourages a balance between work and life through various activities such as: social outings, sports, volunteer, and community involvement.

Ipsos are independent company, owned and managed by research professionals. Their sole focus is survey-based research specialized in advertising, customer loyalty, marketing, media and public affairs. The industry specialization model means they have an intimate understanding of your brands, your consumers and your marketplace. By specilializing, they are able to privide clients with the finest service, which includes the techniques and methods for collecting, processing, analyzing and circulating information. Ipsos go beyand the numbers to identify a cource of action that will lead to stronger in-market results. They challege, inspire and stimulate your thinking, not just validate your thingking. And because of this, they work with you as a true marketing partner, resulting in more actionable business recommendations than are traditionally provided in the market research industry.

Ipsos helps you grow your business.


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