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ClickIQ is a leading market research technology company that specializes in online market research and panel management applications. ClickIQ helps companies define, shape, test and monitor their products and services to better meet their customer’s needs.

The ClickIQ Panel is an online research panel where consumers, like you, can influence the products and services you use every day. Candid Feedback helps companies improve both the products you use today and new products you may use in the future.

Joining is quick and easy – go to the registration page of the panel you have been invited to join. You will be asked for some basic information to set up your account and to establish your profile. Profile information is used to select you for participation in research studies (events). There is no cost to join a panel at ClickIQ. Signing up and participating in research events at ClickIQ is free. ClickIQ basically serves as a place for you to make yourself available to be a participant in research studies and get compensated for your time and effort.

Panelists must reside in the U.S. to participate. Non – U.S. residents are not allowed to participate as panelists at this time. ClickIQ reserves the right to deny earnings payments to any panelist that requests a payment to be sent to a non – U.S. mailing address or is otherwise identified in the system as a non – U.S. resident.

The panel consists of the general population within the U.S. When joining the panel, you will be provided an online account to participate. All communication is done via email and through your website account.

Participants are referred to as panelists. As a panelist, you will be presented the opportunity to give feedback on issues and concerns that are relevant to you and receive an incentive to do so. Participation is voluntary, but you will only get compensated in those instances that you complete the specific research event.

The time required to complete event activities will vary depending on the format. Most surveys will take 3 to 15 minutes. Online discussion groups generally last 60-90 minutes. Other activities may take more or less time. The estimated time will be included in your invitation. You are able to decline or disregard an invitation if the timing is not convenient for you.

Every panelist that completes a survey or other research event may be compensated for his or her effort. Panelists are always informed if an event has any compensation associated with it or not. Compensation is most commonly in the form of point credits that are redeemable for cash. Sweepstakes entries are used as well and from time to time study sponsors may offer an alternate reward.

Event sponsors pay for your participation. Incentives may include cash payments, sweepstakes entries and in unique instances an alternative incentive offered by the event sponsor, for example, a free product. The incentive type used for the panel you belong to is specified in the opportunity offer. ClickIQ’s primary payment method uses a point system, called IQPoints. All points earned from participation in client-sponsored events are automatically deposited into your account. Accumulate points in your account, and redeem them for cash payments via ACH direct deposit or mailed check.


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  1. Best Paid Survey Reviews Says:

    owh… non US resident not allowed to register… too bad… :(

  2. bestpaidsurveyportal Says:

    its because many survey maker that sign for that site are targeting US customers

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