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Ipsos i-Say is a company of inquiring minds and passionate people giving a voice and shape to the thoughts of millions of individuals around the world. Ipsos is a leading global survey-based market research company, owned and managed by research professionals. Ipsos I-Say is a panel of Americans from all over the country who participate in surveys. Their clients want to know what you think about their products and services and how they can make them better. They also want to know your ideas on current events and social issues.

To become an Ipsos i-Say Online Panel member you need to fill out their membership survey. This survey asks questions about you and the things you like to do. They use the information to determine which future surveys you might want to participate in. Information such as name, age, and income are factors they use to select participants for their surveys. Without them, they are not able to balance results according to U.S. census data and have statistically accurate survey results. Income is part of the demographic information they require to ensure they have a panel representative of the U.S. population.

Here are the benefits of becoming an Ipsos i-Say Online Panel member:

• As a panel member, you influence political, social and consumer decision makers with the thoughts and opinions you provide on surveys.
• You’ll earn reward points for the surveys you take – points can be redeemed for gift cards and merchandise from popular retailers.
• You get a chance to win $5000 cash just for joining plus members get chances to win many other great prizes.
• You’ll see new concepts or test new products and services first.
• Once you’ve earned 50 (or more) points, you can redeem your points for merchandise and gift cards offered by popular retail merchants
• $5000 Quarterly Sweepstakes – new members are automatically entered just for joining. Refer friends and get another chance to win for each eligible referral.
• VIP Car Give-Away – Their most loyal members (members who take most or all of the surveys they are offered) become members of their VIP club and are automatically entered to win a car in their annual contest.

Ipsos i-Say will keep track of the reward points you earn and make sure they are deposited in your account. You don’t have to worry about a thing. All you need to do is answer the surveys and have fun!

If you have questions or feedback about Ipos i-Say you can email them at: questions@i-say.com.


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    i wonder if ipsos available in asia?

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