Opinion Square: You’ve got opinions. Earn rewards from them.

Opinion Square provides the answer. Their goal is to help industry understand online and offline trends and patterns. They operate an Internet research panel that is part of the largest continuously measured consumer panel of its kind.

Opinion Square invites you to take online surveys designed to help companies understand their attitudes and interests on a wide variety of topics – not necessarily related to their Internet activities. OpinionSquare members have the opportunity to help companies in the financial services, consumer products, travel, health care, automotive, retail and other industries. Participation in surveys is optional.

In order to participate in this research community, members install software which tracks Internet activity, allowing them to target the surveys they send and, when combined with other members’ data, to develop an understanding of how people use the Internet. Its free, taking surveys is a pretty easy way to get free stuff, with rewards like sweepstake entries for a chance at $100,000 or the opportunity to earn points redeemable for exciting prizes. Plus, you get the satisfaction of knowing that the information you submit about your opinions, your frequently visited websites, and your favorite online stores influences decisions on thousands of products, services, and online offerings. It’s easy to join you just need to answer a few profile question, and install the OpinionSquare software.

Members of OpinionSquare are eligible to participate in surveys and in exchange, can earn points redeemable for valuable prizes. They offer thousands of options in categories like Electronics, Home & Garden, and Sports & Fitness, to name just a few.

Only US and Canadian residents are eligible to receive cash, prizes and sweepstakes entries. Residents of other countries may receive survey requests with special incentives for their participation.

To learn more about the OpinionRewards program visit www.opinionsquarerewards.com.


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