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SurveyRoyale has the real opportunity waiting for you to capitalize on. Their database has the list of big companies that willing to pay for your opinion. You need to think of it as being a business transaction for your services. You simply provide your Opinion on certain things in exchange for cash and or rewards. You get paid for every survey or focus group you complete and the more survey or focus groups you are part of, the more money you’ll make.

To get started simply fill in the form to the Free Membership, and once you do, you will need to check your Inbox for an email they send you. This will simply ask you to confirm that you want to be part of their private membership – Just follow the instructions on that email. Then you’ll be in! That’s it! You just need to be over the age of 18 years of age. Although most of the Research Companies prefer US based citizens, they have made available a comprehensive list for those living in other countries like Australia, and the United Kingdom. When you enter the Members area, you simply need to select the country you are in, and away you go.

A Survey is simply one or two pages of questions. When you’re invited to participate in a survey, you log into the Research Company’s website. You answer the questions openly and honestly, and then you submit it. Usually there are about 10 -30 questions which are very easy to answer. It up to you on how many surveys you want to answer, you can do as many as you want. Every survey or focus group will be different. Suffice to say, that the longer they are, the more it will pay. Surveys will take anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes to complete, while Focus groups are anywhere from 60 – 90 minutes. The thing about focus groups are is that’s where the big dollars are. They can pay you about $150 for each one you do – not bad for just telling them what you think!

Anyway, if you have a question about SurveyRoyale you can email them at:


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  1. johny Says:

    paid survey is a phenomena


    I am excited about the whole idea.

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