Vindale Research: Get paid to Review product!

Vindale Research is an Internet firm specializing in the evaluation of online products and services. They help companies evaluate their products, services and processes. Evaluations are performed by their members compensated for their time and efforts.

To begin earning money, you must become a member of Vindale Research. Part of becoming a member is stepping through a three part introduction that helps you learn more about paid survey and what will be required to earn money. You can take as few or as many surveys as you wish. There will typically be new opportunities every month and as a member you will receive email notifications when new surveys become available. Each survey is online and very simple. You don’t need any special skills beyond basic computer skills.

Vindale Research collects demographic information about its members in order to find surveys that are right for you. Some surveys are targeted to certain age groups. Some surveys are only available in certain countries. Some are only available in certain parts of a particular country. They also collect your name and email address so they can contact you about payments and new opportunities. They will never share your information with anyone. Furthermore, all survey results are kept anonymous and used purely for membership purposes.

As a member of Vindale Research, you will enjoy access to educational resources and in-depth help regarding product evaluations, surveys and payments as well as special forms for contacting Vindale Research directly. They will invite you to try new products or visit a popular website. After evaluating the products or website, they will invite you to fill out a simple online survey. This is where you share your experience and tell them how effective the product or web site was.

Every survey is worth real money, not points. Typically, payment is between $5 and $75 per survey depending on difficulty level and availability. Every time your account reaches $50, Vindale Research will send you payment.

If you have any questions or comments about Vindale Research, you can contact them at Telephone no: 1-877-484-6325 or Email them at:


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  1. johny Says:

    is vindale reseach available in us and canada only?

  2. Top Paid Survey Review Says:

    I think worlwide.

  3. Udin Says:

    Nice review.Thank you for sharing.Looking forward for the next review.Keep it up

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