Frequently Asked Questions about Paid Surveys

Do you want an easy way of earning extra cash? A lot of home based online businesses are offering internet users opportunities to gain a lot and one of these is online paid surveys. If you want to learn more on how to acquire fast cash in an easy way, this is the article for you.

What are paid surveys? Surveys are usually done to help marketing team on their product innovations or development. The opinions that will be acquired from the survey will be used to see what the market wants for a certain product. Surveys are being carried out nowadays since they are more easy and accessible for many survey takers. As part of the survey site’s initiative, cash and other equivalent goods or products are being given to survey takers.

How much money can I make from paid surveys? The answer to this question is rather complex and will depend on the survey you are taking. Some surveys may offer only 5 dollars but some may give you more than 100 dollars. There are different factors on the payment scheme such as the survey length or intensity, the company which ordered the survey and many others. Generally, you should be able to earn at least $150 to $200 every month.

Don’t consider online paid surveys as sure means to make you super rich. There are so many sites that promise huge cash for taking paid surveys. Just consider it as an extra fun work which can let you earn bonus cash. But do not be dismayed, you can increase your earnings through numerous site registrations.

How do online paid surveys work? You must allot about 10 – 15 minutes per site to register and offer your profile and to qualify for the surveys. You will not be paid for the registration and profiling process. You will start receiving emails afterwards. For every survey, you still need to complete a pre-qualifying survey for about 15 – 20 minutes. If you qualify, you can take the 30-45 minute survey and get to earn $1 to $3 each. Aside from cash, you can also get “points” that can later be exchanged for prizes or money.

What must I do to get paid on taking online surveys? The initial step is to be a member of some marketing research firms. Browse the internet and it will show you hundreds of web sites that provide paid survey services. Some of these sites do not require membership fee while others require registration fee. You must register on the free sites first and make sure that those whom you’ll be paying are highly reputable survey companies.

Would I receive a lot of surveys after registering? Don’t get discouraged if you are not flooded by surveys as soon as you register. There are a lot of factors that affects the number of times you get survey opportunities. Be patient; there will come a time that you will be preoccupied of the many surveys to take. Always check your email after you signed up and be active! Tell this to your friends since you can gain extra incentives by referring them to the site. Make sure that you regularly check these sites for many opportunities.

Are paid surveys legitimate or scam? Paid surveys are not scam. Although they are very time consuming since you have to spend at least 8 hours a day, they will get you compensated. You can receive prizes, cash and other gift certificates. It should be noted though that there are still survey sites which are merely hoaxes. You can avoid them by searching and gathering enough information about the paid survey site before being enticed to take some surveys. Always remember that a legitimate scam will not charge you of any membership fees.

What online survey sites can I access? There are a lot of online sites made available for survey takers. While some are giving money generously, there are those which are not good paying companies. Search for higher paying sites to make your time more worthwhile. Some examples of survey sites are E-poll, SnapDollars, Creation, Inboxdollar, Greenfield, Survey Sport, Survey Savvy, Opinion Outpost, Harris Poll, African American, Project Payday, Send Earnings, African American, Lightspeed Panel, NPD Online and a whole lot more. Generally, all these sites offer instant cash but of course, you will need to allot extra time to take the surveys.

Online paid surveys are good source of cash. If you really want to be a survey taker, you should be diligent enough to sign up for as many legitimate online paid surveys as possible. This is really a good income generator at the comfort of your home.


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