How to Best Answer Commonly Found Questions in Paid Internet Survey Registration Forms

Yes, you do have to sign up a registration form before you can expect to receive an invitation to answer a paid Internet survey. While the questions commonly found in such forms appear like no-brainers, there are ways to answer them and ensure that you qualify for a paid Internet survey income.

Contact Information

You will normally be asked for your address, phone and mobile number, and of course your email address. Supply as much contact information as you can. Your goal here is to let the market research firm know that you’re extremely easy to contact.

When asked for an email address, consider creating a new one. In case you get accepted, having a separate email address is to segregate any messages sent by marketing research firms you’ve applied to from the rest of your emails. With a separate email address, you can find the appropriate messages in your inbox quickly.

Upon submitting your registration form for answering paid Internet surveys, make sure to instruct people likely to answer the phone when you’re not around to write down any message the market research firm wishes to leave, obtain the caller’s number, and inform you as soon as possible so you can return that all-important call.

Reasons for Applying

There is, strictly speaking, no right or wrong answer for this kind of question but there are certain answers that can help you make a more favorable impression on those screening your registration form.

It’s perfectly acceptable to be upfront about your motivation for wanting paid Internet surveys to be your next source of income. Lying would be useless and it could even end up detracting from your results.

You should, however, add that you’re also on the lookout for a reliable source of income and that you believe the opportunity offered by the market research firm is one such thing. Let them know that you are willing and ready to treat the job opportunity seriously by being utterly professional. You understand the need for providing answers that are completely honest and as accurate as you can make them. Let them know you are highly capable as well of meeting deadlines and submitting paid Internet surveys on time.

Available Time for Work

Marketing research firms generally prefer applicants who can dedicate as much time as possible in answering paid surveys. When asked how much time you have available for it, be as specific as you can be but include hours as well that you may only be occasionally available.

Doing so will put you in the best position you can have without completely misleading them. Even though the work schedule you’ve provided doesn’t exactly mirror the actual time you’re free to work, you can still compensate for this by at least staying online during those hours. You can then access paid Internet surveys you’re tasked to answer from your computer at home or office.

Marketing research firms are basically after people who can readily acknowledge receipts of paid Internet surveys and submit them on time. As long as you can promise them that, they’ll happily provide you with a steady flow of paid Internet surveys.


Indeed, many of the paid Internet surveys you’ll come across have qualifications that are easy to comply with. Age and gender are typical qualifications for answering paid answer surveys.

But there are also paid Internet surveys with greater requirements. Some, for instance, would require you to have personal knowledge or experience of a certain product or service. If you’re sent this type of paid survey and you currently don’t have any experience of using the product, you can still accept the survey if you can promise to yourself that you’ll avail of the product within the given period.

Other surveys may have certain educational requirements. Some prefer college graduates while others may require only individuals with a master degree to answer their surveys. Skills and certification may also come into play. Fluency in a foreign language and proficiency in using a particular computer application are just some of the skills that may be of interest to a marketing research firm.

Ultimately, however, you must provide the most comprehensive list of your accomplishments to ensure that the market research firm realizes just how many types of paid Internet surveys you’re qualified to answer.

These are the questions commonly found in paid Internet survey registration forms. Now that you know the best way to answer them, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and start filling those application forms!


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