Paid Online Survey Scams: Earning Pitfalls to Watch Out For

It comes as no surprise that paid online surveys are considered by many as the next goldrush.

With millions of dollars flowing from corporate coffers each year to fund paid online surveys, online research surveys, and even online opinion polls – paid online survey taking is rapidly becoming a fountain of wealth for people from all walks of life.

Marketing companies and advertising agencies alike have been employing paid surveys as a market research tool or consumer response gauge for many, many decades. From paid surveys, companies formulate advertising plans, or make important marketing decisions.

In recent years, paid online surveys have given rise to countless solo entrepreneurs. It has also helped thousands of work-at-home mothers and struggling students by providing a steady paycheck in their mailboxes every week or month.

Whether they take paid online surveys as work on the side, or make a full time living from it –  paid online surveys can, without a shred of doubt, be a steady source of income.

Most paid online survey sites give as much as $5-$10 for 30 to 40 minute surveys, and others $1 to $7 for online surveys that take around 7 to 10 minutes. With enough guidance and a bit of hard work, a paid online survey taker could make anywhere between $100 to $350 or, as much as $1,000 a month from paid online surveys.

Please bear in mind though, that paid online surveys are not get-rich-quick schemes. It’s impossible to earn an insanely huge amount in just one sitting – and websites claiming to do just that are most probably scams.

Paid Online Survey Scams – Getting To Know Them

Paid online survey is a lucrative industry, and unfortunately, con artists have been quick in setting up scam sites to take advantage of people looking for legitimate business opportunities.  Question is, how does one tell if the site he’s walked into is a paid online survey scam?

The so-called “elders” of the paid online survey industry warn of three major categories of paid online survey scams.

1. Paid Membership Sites

The most obvious form of paid online survey scams are marketing research websites which require paid membership before offering you paid online surveys. This is clearly a SCAM.  Legitimate marketing companies are already earning a lot from the companies that commission them to run the paid online surveys. So don’t be fooled.

However, please do not confuse these paid online survey scam sites with paid directory listing sign ups. Yes there are websites which charge a minimal fee or one time-payment in exchange for a fresh listing of paid online survey site leads.

A lot of people who don’t like to take chances signing up in little-known paid online survey sites choose to avail of this service – and they say it works for them.

2. Get-Rich-Quick Promos

Be wary of paid online survey sites that claim:  “You Can Make $1500 in 15 Minutes!”
This is clearly another paid online survey scam. As we all know, income from paid online survey sites do not amount to this much, and that’s a fact! If the offer sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

3. Cash in when you reach $25 or up…

This type of paid online survey scam has fooled a lot of people. They do it by sending paid online surveys in large batches, or make you wait until you’ve reached, say $30 or $50 before you can claim your money. The scam is that by the time you’re ready to cash in, the site has already shut down or the people running it can’t be found.

Legitimate paid online surveys send you your checks, no matter how small, on a regular basis. Majority of paid online surveys mail payment for accomplished surveys immediately after you’ve sent them the questionnaire.

Paid Online Survey Nuggets of Wisdom:

One way to ensure that you’ve found a legitimate paid online survey site is if there’s credible information available about it.  Look the paid online survey sites up and try to find actual people who have been able to make good money from their paid online survey offers.

In closing, you’ll be less likely to fall for paid online survey scams if you try not to get too “money-hungry”. Sure, it may mean taking in a few more mid-range paid online surveys, but that beats losing money on scams or getting conned into working without the possibility of ever collecting your pay.

Take it one paid online survey at a time. Rest assured, the money will still come.


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