Paid Online Surveys: Become A Work From Home Success Story

Don’t be too quick in dismissing paid online surveys as just another scam. In recent years, it has actually evolved into a steady income minefield for a good number of solo entrepreneurs.

Whether they take paid online surveys as work on the side, or make a full time living from it – the fact remains that there’s hundreds of dollars to be made each month from answering online surveys.

Majority of companies have been using paid surveys as a market research tool for many decades. From targeted or random surveys, companies formulate strategies or make critical administrative decisions concerning the production or marketing of  an item or product.

Internet availability has boosted paid online surveys to become the industry it is today.

In case you’re wondering what’s out there.  There are basically two types of paid online surveys: the GPT or get paid to surveys where you answer online survey forms in exchange for freebies or points; and product opinion surveys from market research sites.

The latter requires you to sign up and give out personal information in order to get an opinion or response from their target market. Paid online surveys help companies see how the public views a product or concept, and whether or not it will be successfully received.

Paid Online Surveys Require Time and Effort

Each completed online survey can make you anywhere between $1-5. Signing up with several companies can easily bring you a paid online survey income of $50-$100 a month. Some online survey sites pay as much as $5-$10 for 30 to 40 minutes surveys, as you go along you’ll be able to find more established sites that give a higher payout for more time-consuming online surveys.

But while paid online surveys are surefire methods to make some extra money from home, it’s important to remember that there’s work and effort involved. How much time you put into answering paid online surveys determines the amount you make each week or month.

If you want to become a successful paid online survey entrepreneur, you would need to set and maintain achievable goals. You need to set aside which hours to work and how much time you can allot. You would also need to stay focused so as not to get distracted by special offers and promotions making their way into your inbox.

Paid Online Survey Taking Do’s and Don’ts

There are three things to avoid in the paid online survey industry. One is any site that requires paid membership. Second is one that asks for your credit card details (or social security number); and third is a paid online survey site with really high minimum requirement before you collect your money ($25 and above).

Now that we’ve done away with the preliminaries, let’s move on to maximizing your earnings from paid online surveys.

Here are several tried and tested strategies:

1. Research.  In order to find the best paid online survey sites, you must find out how much they pay per completed survey; how often; as well as their bonuses and referral awards. You’ll come up with a list of paid online surveys to compare against one another.

One highly recommended website is Survey Club- it’s a free service that compiles a list of online paid surveys companies with regular updates. Pick out the best sites and register!

2. Sign up at multiple sites. One of the tricks in succeeding at paid online surveys is to sign up with as different paid online survey companies. This way, you can get survey invitations in your email every day.

3. Honesty still is the best policy. Online surveys are paying to get your opinion, so make it a point to answer the surveys truthfully and objectively.

4. Complete the user profile. There’s nothing wrong with letting online survey companies know a little about you and your background.  If anything, these help paid online survey sites determine what kind of surveys to next send you. For all you know, you’re missing out on some great opportunities by leaving the user profile sections blank or unaccomplished..

5. Refer Friends. Take advantage of  refer-a-friend or affiliate programs. Paid online survey sites are usually very generous when you make referrals. Besides, it’s really easy to do. Surely you’d want your friends to know when you’ve stumbled upon a great paid online survey site. As they say, one good turn deserves another, So spread the word!

6. Venture into product testing. Product testing is really just a paid online survey in a different get-up. Paid online survey sites you’ve already signed up with simply use their databases to match your details and preferences with the test product.

It can be fun and lucrative and is also a good skill to add to your paid online survey portfolio.

7. Have fun. Work only becomes work if you don’t enjoy what you do. One trick is to smile before you start answering a paid online survey. The sunny attitude certainly helps make the questions and minutes fly by!

So there you have it – the best paid online survey tips, tricks and strategies in a nutshell. With a bit of hard work, you’re now well on your way towards becoming the next work at home success story.


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