Paid Surveys and 7 Ways to Earn More

If you’re not satisfied with how much you’re earning from answering paid surveys then here are 7 ways to increase your online income.

Accept all forms of compensation

Don’t be so stubborn. Cash is just one form of money, and it’s not the only way you can benefit from paid surveys. If you want to earn more, you need to expand your thinking a little and appreciate the value behind other forms of compensation or incentives. Free samples may be used at home or work; either way, they help limit your expenses. You can also sell them for cash, and that then adds to your income. The same goes for free travel packages, dinners, gift certificates, and other similar things.

Accept all methods of payment

Likewise, don’t act like a spoiled employee and insist on having all your earnings coursed through your preferred online bank. If you want to increase your earnings then you have to make concessions and not the other way around.

Ask the market research companies you’ve signed up with what their preferred method of payment is. Doing it their way will work to your benefit because most companies tend to prioritize employees that they know are easiest to transact business with. That’s what you’re going to be when you let them know that you’re willing to work at their convenience and not yours.

Money that goes through the same bank or payment handler will also save you money on transaction fees. You won’t be charged much or be charged at all since only one company is handling your earnings.

Manage your time efficiently

As you can see by now, paid survey companies are not always to blame when you’re not earning as much as you desire. Your inability to prioritize and manage your time efficiently could be another reason why you aren’t yet rolling in beds of money.

If answering paid surveys is one of your supplementary sources of income, try setting a specific time of the day for it. Incorporate it in your daily routine and make sure you stick to the specified hours. If you make interchanging work hours a habit, you’d find it easier to justify the times you miss on work. You don’t want that to happen, do you?

One or two hours for part-time work would do if answering surveys is your part-time job. If you’ve decided to turn it into a full-time career then why not go the whole nine yards and work on the usual eight-hour shift everyday?

Don’t multitask.
Multitasking is a skill that anyone should be proud of. It must not, however, be misused or abused. More often than not, your multitasking skills can end up as a disadvantage if, for instance, you use it to mix work with pleasure and the latter becomes a major distraction to your work.

While you certainly don’t need to go to the extremes and log off the Internet, you should at least resist the temptation to open more windows or tabs than you need for answering surveys.

Establish relationships with your “employers”

Even though company websites often seem an impenetrable barrier, sincerely friendly overtures can still break through them and forge stable relations between you and the people providing you with paid surveys.

It’s always good business to maintain positive relations with the people you work with so you don’t need to worry that other people will think you’ve got an ulterior motive for befriending them. And when you do get to build strong relations with your colleagues, rest assured that work privileges will occasionally come your way – privileges that they’re free to offer to anyone and you can use to supplement your paid survey income.

Make yourself more “qualified”

How many paid surveys had there been that could have been sent to you if only you were able to satisfy the requirements? Now, which of those requirements can you work on having? While you certainly can’t do anything to change your birth date or even your nationality, there are a lot of ways for you to add to your arsenal of skills, abilities, and academic achievements.

Find more and better sources of paid surveys

How many market research companies have you signed up with? If you’ve only registered an account with just one or two companies then it’s no wonder you’re not earning much. Why be satisfied with a few when you can work with a dozen?

And finally, try comparing rates. If Company B pays more than Company A, why stick with the latter?

Paid surveys can help you earn the money you want and the seven ways we’ve discussed here can help you do just that!


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