Paid Surveys Are As Easy As 1-2-3

Are you baffled about what these paid survey advertisements that you see on the web? Are you curious about how do you go about making money with it? Well, earning from paid surveys is as easy as 1-2-3!

Three Easy Steps to Take Paid Surveys

One. Create a new email account. You should dedicate this email account to your online paid survey clients. It should be exclusive for your registration in online paid survey sites. It should be separate from your personal or business email accounts. Can I get any clearer than that? You may ask, “Why do I need a separate and exclusive email account just for taking online paid survey?” Well, it is simple for better management reasons. If you are serious about making online paid survey a continuous extra income generating gig, then you should be able to monitor your survey requests and see them right away. If you’re going to mix it with your personal or business email account, you might miss on a big opportunity. Having a separate email account also enables you to monitor your progress and see how often you receive survey requests from such and such company. You would be able to track the number and the frequency of survey requests that come in every month. Hence, you would be able to tell if you need to join more survey sites, or you are already doing well with your current clients.

Another good thing about having a separate email from your personal email account is so that you could easily cancel the email should you unfortunately register to scammer and fraudulent survey sites that do not pay and just send you spam and junk mails. If you used your personal account in registration with these scam survey sites, then you would end up with polluted inbox. It would be filled with unwanted emails that sells you things that you don’t really care about.

Two. Hunt for paid online survey sites. Now, that you have created a separate and dedicated email account for receiving paid online survey requests, you are ready to register and join paid survey sites. What you have to do is run a search for these sites on google, or yahoo, or whatever search engine you prefer. Just type in paid online surveys on the search bar, and voila! You get yourself an endless list of paid online survey sites. Now, all you have to do is check them all out. It would pay to check them one by one first, before actually registering in any of them. Remember, you have to be careful in choosing the paid survey sites. Online paid survey sites are a legitimate business and they do pay survey takers like you to answer their surveys. However, there are also those that take advantage of this hype about paid online surveys to get contact information and details of unwary individuals who are not careful with their choosing of sites. So better be careful.

One way of ensuring that you are choosing the right paid survey site is to check the marketing research firm behind that survey site. Legitimate survey sites are run and managed by legitimate marketing research firms. They are the ones that prepare the survey questionnaire and organize the survey panel and distribution of survey request. You should check their company profile and their contact information. They should have a working contact number and a valid office address. This way, you would know how to reach and communicate with them should there be a problem with their payment or with the way they send you emails. Illegitimate or scam survey sites do not provide their contact numbers or office addresses because they don’t really intend to pay you, so they would not want you complaining to their offices (if they even have one) by giving their contact information.

Three. Register and wait. So you have chosen what you think are the legitimate survey sites. You can now register with them, using your new and separate email account. Now that you have registered to what you think are legitimate survey sites, all you have to do is wait for the survey requests to come in. Your chosen survey sites would send you request to answer a certain survey. Frequency of the survey requests they give you depends on the projects they get from their clients and on your qualifications based on their client’s requirement. Not everybody qualifies for all surveys. There are certain demographics for each survey request. So, if you do not fit the profile they need, you wouldn’t the survey request for that particular survey. So what you have to do is join more survey sites to ensure that you would get an ample number of requests every month to suit your need for extra money.


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