Paid Surveys

If you have spent some time in front of a computer browsing the internet, chances are you have seen a paid survey advertisement flashed on the screen of your monitor but it seem to have no importance so you just ignore it. But if you are one of those who noticed it, you are probably wondering if they are true or just another scam. The answer is NO, you actually get paid for participating in paid surveys online.

Well, for the information of all the internet fanatics out there, a paid survey is a form of market research and because many large companies are spending millions and millions of dollars each year just on advertising so these companies want to know if their money is being well spent. So, the solution they came up with is to hire a market research firm to conduct studies regarding their product, advertising, and demographics of their target market to find out essential information needed by the company to further improve the quality of their products or services and one of the most popular approach is a paid survey.

In a paid survey, the market research firm hires certain people to become members of a survey panel that will participate in their paid survey. The research firm will then ask the panel some questions about their opinions regarding a certain product or advertisement and ways they think the company can improve them by showing the survey panel a series of advertisements or slogans. The result of the paid survey will then be used to improve the said product or advertisement.

There are different types of paid surveys that involves different amounts of compensation but the more interactive ones are the ones given a greater amount of compensation. These types of surveys are:

  • Phone Survey- is the type of paid survey wherein the market research firm calls you at some specific time to asks questions about a certain product or service and usually pays you $50- $100 per hour.
  • Online Survey- this is the most conventional type of paid survey wherein you need to answer all the survey questions online. The compensation for this type of paid survey usually ranges from $1- $20 for each online survey that usually lasts for about half an hour.
  • Product Trial Survey- this is the type of paid survey that doesn’t guarantee the interviewee any amount of monetary compensation. The only consolation in this type of paid survey is that you get to keep the products you tested for free and the advantages of testing the product before you decide to buy it.
  • Movie Preview- this type of paid survey allows you to take a sneak preview of a movie and enjoy it before they can be shown in cinemas and usually takes place online. And as usual, there is a monetary compensation involved for this kind of paid survey which usually ranges from $2- $5 for each movie preview.
  • Focus Group- this is the type of paid survey that doesn’t come to you often. This type of survey requires your presence for you to be able to participate in a group discussion regarding a certain topic. And the compensation for this type of survey is the highest among the other type of paid surveys. The compensation usually ranges from $20- $40 an hour. Now that’s a lot of money for such a small effort.

Paid surveys are a great way to earn money by simply providing market research firms with your honest opinion about certain products or services being offered to the market. The monetary compensation you receive is quite good and the experience that you will get is really rewarding. But first, for you to be able to participate in any kind of paid surveys, you have to be a member of a paid survey panel and membership has a small price compare to the rewards you’ll get. And for you to profit from paid surveys you have to be a member of as many survey panels as you can.

The paid survey market is an estimated $40 Billion a year business which goes to show that your unadulterated opinion is very valuable to these multimillion dollar businesses and the different types of paid surveys gives you different levels of compensation  but usually the more interactive the survey is, the greater is the monetary compensation.


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