The Top 12 Best Paid Surveys

Did you just raise your eyebrows upon reading my title? I don’t blame you if you did. I understand your cynicism, skepticism, pessimism and all the isms you have against online jobs. It is only understandable that you distrust online advertisements on the Internet. There are a lot of scammers in the world today, and they have even more proliferated with the advent of new technology. High technology and globalization of the world through the World Wide Web have even made it easier for these scammers to victimize more people around the world. With the use of technology, they can steal personal information of people and use them against you, or to your detriment. They can even steal identities nowadays.

Life-changing Opportunities

However, the World Wide Web also has real life-changing opportunities to offer, such as these paid online surveys. There are real deals out there. You just have to learn how to sift them through and separate them from the fraudulent and scam survey sites. Sure, there are those that just use your registration to get your email and mobile numbers to send you spam and junk mails or those that have you answer surveys but require you to buy something at the end of the survey before getting paid. However, there are also those that really pay you for your time and effort in answering and participating in their survey panels. So it is a shame to miss on these opportunities just because these scammers scare you. Don’t let these bad people take you away from the opportunity of earning extra money. Hey, we all need extra money. These are desperate times and we have to do what we can to earn extra. I am sure that you are fretting about how gasoline prices have gone to the ceiling; about electricity bills, water bills, telephone bills, mobile phone bills, internet and cable bills; about your lawn that hadn’t tasted mowing in months; and about things you want but can’t afford such as eating at a fancy restaurant once in a while, indulging yourself in spas and massages, that latest video game console, that little black dress, clubbing, skiing, among other things that you want to do but can’t because of money constraints.

Buy the Things that You Always Wanted

Taking paid online surveys is what you need to afford these things. Believe me, you wouldn’t feel any guilt spending money on luxurious whims and caprices if all your bills are promptly paid and the money you are using for these extravagance came from clicking answers to paid online surveys in between commercial breaks. I understand how hard it is to let go of money you painstakingly labored for in the office. All those long hours on your working station, you wouldn’t want to waste money you earned from that just on extravagant things that you don’t really need. But sometimes, these extravagant indulgences make life worth living. We deserve a little happiness once in a while. We work hard all day, all week. Yes we do deserve a little treat. It is these little treats that rejuvenates our body and minds and get us ready for work again. Life would be dull and would seem pointless without these little treats. So if you can afford to pamper yourself once in a while from your day job, try these paid online surveys and see the difference it can do. You would even notice that you become more active, energetic and happy at your day job once you are earning extra and affording the little luxuries you actually need sometimes.

Top 12 Survey Sites

To help you get started, here are the top 12 paid survey sites that I recommend. These sites are worth your time and worth the try. It won’t hurt checking them and trying them to see if paid online survey is the thing for you.

  1. African American Voice
  2. American Consumer Opinion Panel
  3. Choozz E Panel
  4. E-Poll Surveys
  5. Global Test Market
  6. Ipsos Moms Panel
  7. Lightspeed Research
  8. NFO My Surveys
  9. NFO New/Expecting Mothers
  10. Nielsen Net Research
  11. Your 2 Cents
  12. Zoom Panel

These top 12 survey sites are run and managed by legitimate market research firms. They are the best survey sites that you can get on the Internet. These market research firms value the time and effort of survey takers, they compensate for every minute you spend in taking their survey. They also don’t waste your time by sending you unwanted emails that pollute your inbox. They also don’t reveal your contact information to others. They value your trust and confidence so they maintain confidentiality of information. Best of all, registration in their sites is free of charge!


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