Using Paid Surveys to Earn Extra Income

If there’s one easy way to earn extra income online that’s already been proven to work, it’s participating in paid surveys.  Depending on the number and quality of surveys a participant will join, monthly income can start at a minimum of about $500.  That’s not too bad if you’re just looking for a way to make some extra income.  Don’t waste this chance, though, since paid surveys can be an easy source of cash.  Here are ways to make the most of this opportunity:

Finding paid surveys

Majority of the paid surveys you’ll find these days are offered online.  That also makes them very convenient to join.  To find these companies, simply perform a search using a search engine and visit their websites.

Try to browse and read all the information supplied before you sign up.  This will help you acquire the necessary information you’ll need in order to understand whether or not the survey company has the best offer.  This will also help eliminate any false expectations on your part.


This is an important step for participating in paid surveys.  You cannot join (and therefore will not be paid) if you are not a registered survey taker.  To register, check first if you meet the basic requirements, such as an e-mail account and an Internet connection.

Be sure to complete the registration form, which will require you to provide some personal information, including your name, location and age.  You will also be asked to provide information about your preferences, buying habits, interests and hobbies in order to build your profile.  This will help match you with the type of surveys you’re qualified to join.

If you can, try to register with multiple paid survey sites.  This will help increase the likelihood that you will qualify for upcoming surveys.  The more surveys you participate in, the more extra income you’ll generate.

Getting organized

It’s recommended that you create an e-mail account that will be used exclusively for receiving notifications about paid surveys you participate in.  Once you sign up for several sites and begin receiving invitations for surveys, you could receive a number of e-mails a day.  These will be easy to miss if you’ll be using your regular e-mail account.

Set aside enough time each day or several days a week in order to answer surveys you receive.  Paid surveys are often under time constraint.  That is, they must be answered and sent back within a specific period of time from the date they were sent, say three to seven days.

Paid survey notifications are often sent with links within the e-mail message.  If the survey is still active, you can click on the link and be brought to a survey page where you can answer survey questions.  If the offer has expired and you click on the link, you will be notified that you can no longer participate.

Allowing a survey to expire before you can participate is a waste of opportunity.  Just imagine passing up on a survey that’s worth $50 and you’ll understand why it’s important to be able to participate in a paid survey within the prescribed period of time.

Getting paid for surveys

Paid surveys are incentivized surveys – meaning, the companies that offer them reward people who participate.  This is a technique to help increase the number of survey takers.  Participants get paid the amount that corresponds to the value of the survey, which can range from $2 to $25.

Some surveys involving more complicated question-and-answer series can cost more, from $30 to $50.  So if you participated in five $10 surveys and two $35 surveys for one month, you will receive $120 as payment for your efforts.

Not every paid survey you participate in will offer a cash reward, however.  It’s quite common for some survey companies to reward their participants with products, special merchandise, sample products from sponsor companies or even tickets to the survey company sweepstakes, where bigger cash or rewards are offered.

There are also survey companies that pay gift certificates instead of cash or merchandise.  Although gift certificates are limited to a particular store or vendor, they’re usually good value stuff.  Commonly used sponsors include, Walmart and Target.  Participants could use the gift certificates to purchase items from these stores or obtain discounts on high-value items.

Receiving your payment

Generally, paid survey companies send payment through electronic payment processing sites or companies.  These include PayPal and ClickBank, among others.  Allowing payment to be processed through these companies makes the transaction easier and more convenient.  It’s also safer for both the participant and the survey companies.


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