A Job on the Internet: An Alternate Income Generating Opportunity

What could be more fulfilling than having a job that utilizes your skills and talents and can reward you both on the personal and financial levels?  And it doesn’t hurt that you get to do it without commuting to work, struggling against traffic or navigating your way around a corporate culture that very often doesn’t fit your personality?  A job on the internet can do that by giving you relatively more freedom in terms of flexibility and potential.

A job on the internet vs. telecommuting

Working on a job on the internet is similar to telecommuting, in that many of the communications, research and exchange of information performed are done online.  However, the similarities stop there.

Telecommuting requires an employer-employee responsibility, which means that you will have to be hired by a company and allowed to work from home or a remote location for a specific number of days or hours per week.  Telecommuting is a company’s way to allow employees more freedom from the office without actually taking time off from work – a strategy that has proven effective for many.

Telecommuting is also a means to ease off traffic of employees in an office that’s beginning to get congested with people.  It is also a way to save on expenses related to the facilities.  When a number of employees telecommute, the number of people who use power, water, office equipment, even free lunch, also decreases.  This can mean savings to a company.

With a job on the internet, however, you don’t have to be a jobsite employee working for a company under a supervisor or a manager.  You’ll work on your own as a freelancer or independent contractor and will be paid based on your skill level and experience.

Advantages of a job on the internet

Convenience is by far the topmost advantage of working on an internet job.  Everything you have to do can be performed online, which means you can pretty much work anywhere there is an internet connection – be it at home, at school, in a café or in another country.

Another advantage is that you are not limited by job prospects in your locality or region only.  There are many jobs on the internet that people can apply for regardless of their location.  A client in California, for example, can hire a freelancer in Mumbai without worrying about the time differences or the physical distance.  This is an excellent way to bridge the gap between a job hunter and a good opportunity while ensuring that clients obtain the best skills currently available.

Realities of a job on the internet

Finding a good job on the internet IS a possibility.  In fact, there are hundreds of thousands of people around the world working online either part-time or full-time.  And while the potential for income and career advancement can be limitless, there are also certain considerations that you will have to keep in mind.

A job on the internet means more effort on your part

Remember that the internet is a vast labor pool and it’s quite possible for someone in another region – even another country – to work for a job that is available in your locality.  That makes competition much tougher for job hunters.

Since you are your own best advertisement, you will have to work doubly hard to get people to rely on you and become your clients.

You’re on your own

The benefits you can expect from a regular job, along with the assurance of a regular paycheck, are non-existent in an internet job.  You alone will have to take care of the things that a regular employer will usually handle.  These include contributions that go to your retirement and Social Security, for example, or making tax computations.

You will also have to handle your job on the internet as a business.  If you need permits, licenses, certifications or trainings, you will have to obtain them.  If you dislike managing the financial side of your job, you really have no choice.  It’s all up to you to prepare the invoices for your billings and collect from your clients.

You could expose yourself to scams

It’s a sad reality online but finding a job on the internet means sifting through all the available options and finding the legitimate choice.  Sometimes, it could be tricky because internet job scams are becoming more clever and sophisticated.  However, if you have the proper information and be wary of offers you encounter, you can protect yourself.

Working online

As you can see, working on a job on the internet can be a bit of a challenge.  However, if you truly understand the system and are willing to make calculated risks, it’s quite possible to find success with an online job.  There are few opportunities in the real world that offers you the chance to use and develop your skills and market them on a global stage.


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