7 Ways to Type from Home and Earn Money

Yes, indeed, your fast typing skills – honed by years of Instant Messaging – can finally be put to profitable use! Learn what you can do type from home and earn money at the same time.

How to Apply for a Type from Home Job

The application process for type from home jobs generally depends on a company’s preferences. You may, for instance, be requested to perform a live typing test online or you may just be asked to submit a report with a specified deadline.

Like any other job application process, you may have to be interviewed. Expect many of your prospective employers to ask why you believe you’re excellent for the job and be sure to give them a great and well-thought-of answer.

Some will inquire about your salary requirements. Be prepared for this question and make sure you’re capable of negotiating the best rate for your salary without making yourself appear too money-oriented. Finally, be on time for your test or interview. Punctuality always counts!

Data Encoder

Typing is basically what you’ll do with this kind of job. Unless you’re informed otherwise by your virtual employer, your main responsibility is to encode data the way it’s presented to you. There’s no need to edit or analyze the data you’ve been given. Just be ready to type, type, and type away!

Virtual Assistant

Remember your days of working as a PA or secretary? Remember the amount of correspondence and documents you had to type and revise? Well, expect to do the same thing once you become a virtual assistant. In many cases, you’ll also be expected to take care of other duties commonly performed by secretaries and the likes, just as long as they’re doable online.

Tutor or Academic Assistant

Even with a headphone to let you communicate with your student, there will still be times when you have to communicate by writing. Now, imagine how lessons can drag for so long if you only know how to type using two fingers?

Another way of earning online through your typing skills and academic achievements is by offering your assistance to students in need. You can help them by providing sample essays and book reviews. Many of them have tight deadlines to meet, requiring therefore quick typing skills.


Instead of verbally translating one language to another, you can also work on translating writing material to and from English, depending on the client’s needs. In this case, proficiency in your mother language isn’t enough. You need to be similarly proficient or at least coherent in the foreign language you wish to translate. You also have to be familiar with typing on keyboards using special characters that aren’t commonly used in English.

If you are translating movies, screen plays, TV shows, radio plays and the likes, you will also have to learn how to include time codes for every line you type out. Lastly, you should also take cultural differences in consideration to avoid causing undue offense due to a simple misunderstanding.


There are three major types of transcription considered today. Medical transcription naturally requires people to transcribe medical documents. This is the most specialized position of three and generally demands equally specialized training before a person is qualified to work as a transcription, much less a home-based one.

Legal transcription is another field. Terms used in legal documents are not as difficult to spell or understand but familiarity with legal terms is still advantageous. And finally, you can also type from home and earn money by working as a business transcriptionist.

Email Support

Many websites today outsource their customer service needs and hire people to work as their email support team. Whether or not you’re required to offer live email support, you’ll nonetheless need fast typing skills in order to send a response as soon as possible.


People generally prefer to visit websites or blogs that are filled with entertaining content or the latest news. Excellent typing skills can help you beat other bloggers to posting an entry about the same topic.

Fast fingers can also help you become the first in posting comments, rants, and reviews on other blog – all of which are ways to generate more traffic back to your blog.

Of course, keep in mind that having an above average typing speed is not the only qualification you’ll need to comply with for type from home job opportunities. If your spelling and grammar are atrocious and you lack the patience for research and revision, your typing skills may soon be consigned back to pure Instant Messaging use.


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