Need help for Home-based Business?

This is not only relevant to mothers (since there is a wide connotation that only mothers are the ones looking for jobs which could be done from home) but everybody who is dying to be their own boss, meaning, stay at home jobs.  Many people have discovered the rewards of working from home, evidently, more and more have chosen this path. Well, it’s not at all surprising, the compensations could give any regular job at the office a run for its money.

- First, you could do the Operations job: You may choose to be a customer service agent using your own computer and telephone at home. Nowadays, new employees earn $6-$8.50 per hour and you can work as many or as few hours as you choose.  It’s up to you. Some online companies charge applicants a few bucks for a background check once you have been accepted and work as an independent contractor, some don’t.  Again, the good part of this is you are working from your own home. Here are just a few of the many companies which hire both inbound and outbound representatives:

Alpine Access hires virtual agents as employees, Customer Loyalty Concepts Other companies, Overflow including LiveOps, , ACD Direct, West and Arise, Working Solutions, Accolade Support, , Sci@Home, Reps for Rent.

Aside from being an agent, here are the other possible jobs that you can choose from:

- Data Entry which is usually being paid at $7.20 to $30 per hour. You may type Working Solutions as a keyword when searching; they give you a list of available online jobs that you can always click. Sometimes, the rate you earn depends on your typing speed and accuracy. They have this at Apply online and Virtual Solutions.

JetBlue Reservations Crew

- There is this company called Jet Blue reservation, when you go to their site, you may apply as JetBlue Reservations Crew or specialist, and yes, they all actually work out of their homes.

- These promising jobs allow you to choose your own hours. They have options for occasional  or additional income. They also maintain waiting lists who wish to work for them from home. Also ‘Ultimate Work at Home Package’ has available jobs like Clerical, Computer jobs, Bookkeeping, Data Entry, Transcription, Mystery Shopping, Billing, Phone Work and a lot more.  You just have to go to their website and start making some good money.

- Today’s hottest buzz. Easy paid Online Surveys. By answering simple research questions, you get as much as $5 to $80 per survey. These are all easy surveys you can do on the computer and are usually from companies who want to know what you have to say about a particular product or service.

- Do you also know that you can also get paid by just uploading your photos, photos taken by you. Yes! All you have to do is to register with these sites and start uploading photos exclusively taken by you. How does it work? Everytime your picture is viewed or downloaded by viewers, you get paid. The more views you gain, the more money you will have. Isn’t that amazing?

- Also, this is one of the most conventional ways how to work from home. The eBay way! You can sell stuff on eBay and get paid on eBay too or Paypal, as their payment system.

- Mystery Shopping has already been mentioned, but let’s discuss it more. If you would like to be a mystery shopper, you should be a person who loves to shop, eat out at restaurants, loves movies and knows what’s the latest or even the amusement parks. There are two ways to do this. Either you have a website or a blog entry will do. List all your best suggestions on the latest things you have seen and tasted or let people contact you and hire you to be their personal mystery shopper. You just have to direct them to the best products they are looking for but only they don’t have the ample time to do it. It’s fun and compensating at the same time.

- There is also Home Employment Directory which helps you with all the assembly or clerical work that you can do in your home. It’s a book which has all the name and contact numbers of all company which offer these jobs at home.

Come to think of it, there is really no reason that one cannot make money from home anymore. You can have queality time with your family, plus, you are earning your own money.


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