Work-from-Home Internet Jobs – How to Find and What to Look For

Work-from-home internet jobs have revolutionized the way we view employment.  No longer are people trapped into black-and-white choices in their careers.  The old employment vs. self-employment set-up is no longer effective.  With online jobs being made available to virtually anyone in the planet who has a computer and an Internet connection, it has become quite possible to find and build a career from a simple home office.

Want to explore the possibilities of work-from-home internet jobs?  Here are some things you need to consider:

Determine if the set-up is right for you

More than anything, your personality and work style will impact how you will perform in a work-from-home internet job.  By its nature, this type of job will allow you to work unsupervised, keep your own time and pretty much survive on your own.

Do you have the self-discipline to work independently?  Are you capable of setting a strict schedule so you can meet a deadline?  Are you capable of imposing pre-agreed standards of quality required by your client?  Do you have the necessary equipment to perform the required tasks?

If you don’t have the drive for the kind of work that an internet job demands, this might not be the career that’s best for you.  Consider all aspects before you dive in.

Make an assessment of your skills

When you sign up for work-from-home internet jobs, you will be selling your skills, training and experience.  Remember that once you join the virtual workforce, you will become one among millions of part-time and full-time freelancers and project-based labor.

Can your set of skills reasonably compete in this marketplace?  Is there a demand for it that pays well?  Is it possible to use your skills in more than just one internet job opportunity?  If you speak and write Russian, for example, you could use your skills to translate documents for an online translation service or start a business of your own.  Either way, you get to earn from the things you can do well.

Look for competitive pay

Generally, compensation for work-from-home internet jobs will vary depending on the nature of the job, the skill level required to perform it and the quantity involved.  In some cases, your experience will also come into play.

Fees for writers, for example, will vary, ranging from about $0.50 to $2 a word for experienced ones.  New writers, particularly those with no previous publishing experience, will often have to make do with the simple reward of having their work published with their bylines.  Sometimes, they get free copies of printed works or free products.

If you will be offering freelance work based on your skills or training, then be ready to set your own rates.  Clients will pay based on experience, skill level and quality of work you can produce.

There will also be companies offering work-from-home internet jobs that don’t advertise their rates, declaring that pay is ‘negotiable’ or that it varies.  Before you sign up to do a project or an assignment, make sure you have a pre-agreed figure beforehand and that your client honors the agreement when you’ve completed the project.

Where to find work-from-home internet jobs

They’re everywhere!  A search engine inquiry will cough up from a few thousands to millions of hits, depending on the popularity of the job you’re looking for.  You could minimize confusion by checking out available internet jobs from popular job boards such as,, and  You could perform a search using keywords that are relevant to the job you’re targeting.  If you prefer, you could also leave a virtual resume on some of these sites to alert prospective employers about your availability.

While these sites allow you to find work-from-home internet jobs offered by clients and employers from different locations, you might also want to check out local opportunities using sites such as and  Many freelance work-from-home jobs can be found here.

A word of caution about job advertisements

Once you go online to look for work-from-home internet jobs, you will be exposing yourself not just to legitimate job opportunities but also to fake offers and scams.  Exercise caution and common sense when considering these opportunities.  Be aware of the risks and don’t be fooled by promises that offer too much, too soon.

Check work-from-home internet jobs only from reputable sources.  If you’re unsure, look for jobs that are backed by real persons or companies and not just a website or an e-mail address.  Online scams can be notoriously difficult to trace and legally prosecute in case you want to file charges.  Use all resources you can get your hands on to protect yourself.


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